Free Kaspersky Antivirus 2009 License for 6 Months

Kaspersky is definitely one of the best antivirus solutions available today, however unlike most of the software we talk about here, Kaspersky is not free and requires users to buy a license key for usage.


However like always we came across a deal where Kaspersky Indian is giving away 6 months license as a free promotional offer for Kaspersky Antivirus 2009.

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31 Places to Stop By Before Shopping Online, Shop Smartly Online At The Best Prices

Shopping for me has completely changed since I have come to the US from India. I tend to buy almost everything online rather than visit a store. In fact I had my Desktop PC shipped to me part by part from 7 different websites online.

I tended to make quite a lot of mistakes in my early online shopping experience but over a time I have learnt the tricks of getting good deals shopping online.

Here are 8 Places I usually stop before I really order something online and if you use these services you would definitely save quite a few $$$ shopping online.

Discount / Deals Sites

These are the sites which announce discounts and deals from across different online shopping sites. You can get to know what codes to apply to get a discount on the product you want to buy or even get the product at a discounted price from the site itself.



The mother of all deal providers OverStock provides you with deals that know off product prices between 40-80% of the original retail prices.

The concept works great because many a times supply is much more than what the actual demand is and instead of facing losses on the over stock the popular brands offer it for sale at a much lower prices at OverStock and keep both the buyer and themselves happy.

The site provides discounts on home & garden, jewelry, watches, clothing, electronics, sports toys and more.

So if your looking for huge discounts, this is the first place you should land up in.



Tech4Less is a place you should visit if your looking to get some cheap tech goods. The USP behind the less prices the Tech4Less is that they sell Open box, Factory Refurbished, Refurbished or used articles which may at times have minor damages which is disclosed in the product item description.

In fact I got my Open box Lacie 500GB Hard drive from Tech4Less at a 68$ discounted price. They also have a clearance center from where you can get products at a real cheap price.



SmartBargains is a place where you can bargains for products ranging from Bed & Bath, Home & Kitchen, apparels, shoes clothing and more.

The site really gives you pretty   good discounts that you probably never find anywhere else.



Deals2Buy is a site which brings to you daily deals from various online shopping sites, the deals are spread across various categories like computers, cell phones, cameras, kitchen tools, jewelry and more.

The deals include outright discounts, special coupon codes and mail-in rebates, if you follow the deals you may end paying much lesser than what the online stores are charging you.

And the best part is that the deals keep coming in every day and you are bound to find the thing you intend to buy at a much lower price.



SlickDeals is another place where you can find tons of deals, in fact it is like a social networking place for shoppers where users can add deals and tag them so that other users can find them easily.

The deals are updated daily but the user community ensuring you are a part of the community that saves big $$$ online.



AmericanDeals is a site similar to Deals2Buy where you can find different discounts and mail-in rebates on products.



Woot is a site where they sell only one product a day at a highly discounted price. The product is available daily between 12 AM Central Time or till its sold out.

The only problem with Woot is the shipping price of $5 which never changes so even if the price of the product is $1 you end up paying $6. Nevertheless a pretty good place for a bit higher priced products available on discount.

Other Worthwhile Deals / Discounts Websites

Shopping Coupons Site

Online Shops regularly release discount coupons which are not so very well publicized to the general public, having a good source of news about these coupons definitely helps to take advantage of lower prices.

In this category you will see a list of sites that keep track of such discount coupons making your life much easier.



FatWallet a site where you can find deals and coupons from all over the Internet which are further divided into section to make them easy to find by category, by retailer, by popularity or by expiration date for the deal.

They also have a active forum where members post about new coupons and codes you can use to get discounts from various online shopping sites.



Currentcodes has a full-time staff of trained individuals whose only job is to find new coupon codes and discount codes and verify the accuracy of the existing database. We don’t flood you with ads and we don’t throw deals in your face. No hype, just current codes.



CouponWinner is an online shopping website that works with over 2,000 merchants and provides thousands of free coupons and promotional codes from top brand-names. The primary goal of is to help you save money, simply and easily, everyday. When it comes to saving money, everyone wins with



At Wow-Coupons you will find printable retail coupons, printable grocery coupons, printable restaurant coupons, printable travel coupons as well as printable rebates and online coupons.

Just Print and Save!



DiscounterDeals offers current discount online coupons for top shopping sites like Overstock, Target, Smart Bargains, ShopNBC, HSN, Walmart, Sears, Kmart and other online discount stores. Find discounts and promotions for computer and electronics stores like Dell computers, Best Buy, and Circuit City.

Other Worthwhile Services Coupon Providing Websites

Price Comparison Sites / Shopping Bots

The best thing to do when no deals or coupons are available for a product is to compare the prices of various online stores before actually making a purchase.

In this section we will talk about the sites which help you compare prices between different online shopping websites for products you want to buy, definitely beats visiting each and every online shopping site individually and   comparing prices.


Ironically the pinnacle of Shopping on the Internet does not sell you products but in fact helps you compare prices between different stores and lets you choose the store from where you can buy the product at a much lower price.’s mission is to help consumers anywhere use the power of information to easily find, compare and buy anything online in less time and for the best price!

To be quite frank has definitely been a great help in comparing prices for product as they have a huge range of stores to compare prices with.

With you can almost compare everything that is to sell and compare prices between online stores.



PriceGrabber is a service similar to where you can find and compare products available at different merchants and online outlets.

At, savvy shoppers can instantly find and compare millions of unique products and services contained in 25 channels, such as Clothing, Babies & Kids, Books & Magazines, Cell Phones, Plans & Accessories, Computers, TV’s, Furniture and Cameras. The website also offers shoppers the ability to view and compare over thousands of merchants and sellers and their respective pricing information for products and services, thereby enabling users to ultimately find the right product from the right merchant at the best price.



ShopZilla is a leading comparison shopping service. The company’s mission is to enable shoppers to quickly and easily find compare and buy anything, sold by virtually anyone, anywhere.

ShopZilla provides similar service like and

Other Worthwhile Comparison Shopping Sites

Summarizing The Shopping Experience

Well the list may look quite large initially but once you get organized with all the super savings websites you would definitely shop smarter than ever.

These sites are all a great option for you so that you can save $$$ while shopping online. If you want to add to any of the above sites please feel free to leave your comments and tell me about them.

I am sucker for buying discounted products which I feel would be useful for me and your advices are welcome all the time.

PricePinx – Get Email Alerts on Price Drops

I am a big fan of bookmarklets and I love shopping online. I just came across a web service that brings the best of those two worlds together.

First, lets talk about online shopping and how you can save some dough by using some cool web services. Traditionally, we might see an item in a store shelf and if you are a deal nut like me, you’d probably go back to check on the prices now and then to see if the prices dropped. In the online shopping world, you would do this by bookmarking a product page and re-visiting it from time to time (could be several times a day depending on how obsessed you are) to see if there’s been a price drop to sang it at the ‘right’ price’.

There have been several web services, Firefox extensions, etc to help you automate this process. They will notify you when a price of an item that you are interested in drops. Without you lifting a finger.

PricePinx does the same for you. It can keep an eye on the product you are interested in and sends you an alert by email when there has been a price drop. I like how they have implemented this. They have built a bookmarklet that you can drag to your browser toolbar. When you are looking at a product page, just highlight the price and hit the bookmarklet to start watching that product. That’s it!

Price Pinx

You don’t even have to be registered to use this service. But, if you take moment to do so, you can manage all your alerts from one place. On hitting the !pinx bookmarklet, you will be taken to a page where you can enter your login information or just provide an email address where you would like to get an alert. Isn’t the simplicity of using this so cool?

Price Pinx 2

It is supported in a lot of the online shoppings places such as Amazon, NewEgg, Overstock,, BestBuy, etc. You just have to make sure you pinx! it from the product detail page and not somewhere else like the order page, etc.

I like a service when it makes my life online easier without making me jump through hoops to get there. This one definitely fits the bill or rather for saving the bill.

!pinx bookmarklet

Check out my other Top Browser Bookmarklets that I love and use, if you into that sorta things.

Get DivX Pro Version For Free

DivX is a common media language that delivers a pure digital experience, powering a whole range of video services and products that all work together. From video creation tools like Dr. DivX and the DivX Converter to media playback applications like the DivX Player and the DivX Web Player, DivX delivers a seamless PC video experience.

DivX are offering a their Pro version for free for a limited time. The pro version of DivX comes with a DivX Converter and DivX Pro Codec. DivX offers you high quality videos at lower storage space.


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