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For all you The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion players would it kill you to play a very realistic medieval game where you are encouraged to play the game without saving (except before quitting) and take the entire game for what it is full of ups and downs? Well, Mount & Blade is that game. Though it does not boast of the beauty that was Oblivion’s engine, it comes pretty close to perfection with its high degree of realism and open-world system (well what did you think the references to Oblivion were for?) Yes indeed, you are dropped suddenly into the world of Calradia, with its own set of warring nations, bandits and independent towns who will either hate you or love you as you progress through the myriad quests that you take up and complete on horseback. Yes, the name (though bland) is spot-on. It allows you to fight on horseback a sort of one-up on Oblivion where you are forced to get off a horse to wage war. And this game is available at the unprecedented price of $4.99 on Steam.

Mount & Blade

One of the best things about this game is the amount of attention paid to detail and the flexibility given to you. For hardcore RPG fans, this is exactly what they would be looking for if they do not like fantasy or science fiction. Firmly set in the Dark Ages (or so), you can either be a fighter with skills ranging from the sword and shield to bows, crossbows, axes and the Knightly polearm(!) or a tactical commander with an army behind you or an armored merchant selling exotic wares and fending off fiendish bandits! And you will be part of very realistic wars where infantry will be cut through by cavalry which in turn will be pummeled by spears a la Braveheart. The customization is very detailed, as mentioned before. The following screenshot will tell you just how much of detail goes into making your character’s face!

Face Customization

So, still in two minds? Have a look at the screenshots below and read a couple of reviews. If you are a medieval era fan, this game will enhance those memories of the Age of Empires and Total War games in a comfortable third-person perspective.

Generic Town

Horseback Army

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