Gog.com joins in the holiday sale fun!

It is no secret that I profess a great love for Gog.com. This DRM-free digital distribution store sells great classic games for $10 and below. And I mean the fundamentally super-awesome games such as Beyond Good & Evil, Psychonauts and the Fallout series. These games have forever been in the hearts and minds of gamers old enough to have played them when they were released, and they relish this opportunity to play them again, DRM-free. (I cannot stress how great that last part is).


So when Gog.com puts on its sale of over 100 classic games with the tag of save up to 40%” on our games catalog, it is no surprise that I would jump right on top of it and in that process, tag my readers along. This sale has only 10 days to go, so do jump right at it!

Here are a few of the better games that I can recommend, apart from the games already mentioned in the previous post.


Psychonauts: One of the few games that got almost everything perfect, this game is a treat for all those who enjoy gaming at its best. As Raz, a young cadet in the psychic summer school you travel through beautiful surrounds to foil an evil kidnapper who steals the minds of young psychics. If that one-line description did not make you as excited as a little kid, I do not know what will! For $7.49 this one is a steal!


Fallout 1 & 2: The legendary starting series of the post-apocalyptic wasteland survivor’s tale, these are probably the best RPG games not set in a fantasy world of elves and fairies. For $3.89 each, this is a must for any RPG gamer.


Earth 2150 Trilogy: An RTS gem without parallel, battle for survival or domination over land, sea and air with research and customization adding depth and wonder to your fighting. This one can be yours for $3.89!

Do let me know how much you have spent in the Gog.com sale in the comments!

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