Buy GoDaddy Domains For 99 Cents [GoDaddy Coupon Codes]

Update: Seems like GoDaddy has pulled the plug on this coupon, however we were able to buy the domain for 99 cents, we will update this post with new coupon codes as and when we come across them.

There are several times when Domain selling registrars come up with coupon codes and rebates, however GoDaddy is probably a registrar with the most coupon codes.


One such coupon code will get you a domain for only 99 cents. This deal is for real and we have tested out the same.

Here are the steps to get a domain name for only 99 cents from GoDaddy.

Step 1: Search for the domain you want to buy and add it to your card.

Step 2: While checkout apply the coupon code love99without the quotes and get a domain for only 99 cents.

Note: A additional 20 cents will be applied as ICANN fees taking the domain total to $1.19. However that too is a pretty good deal, so hurry now unless the GoDaddy coupon code expires.

12 thoughts on “Buy GoDaddy Domains For 99 Cents [GoDaddy Coupon Codes]”

  1. fyi … this coupon is only good for registering NEW domains – will not apply to renewals (so maybe that’s the problem – unless it’s expired) … also, only 1 discount per person.

  2. I found another one: GODADDY99
    However, I was wondering, if we use the coupon are we bound to a minimum registration term, or can we transfer out after a year or so?

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