Direct2Drive Launches Valentine’s Day Games Sale

You have to accept that Be My Bloody Valentineis a kick-ass name for a gamers’ Valentine’s day sale. Yes, IGN’s digital distribution house Direct2Drive has launched an amazing value sale of great games with up to 75% off. This sale includes seven acclaimed games that have found true love in the hands of their fans. The gaming deals on display are varied and will have something for everyone include that special Valentine for whom you can buy these games!


Fallout 3 GotY Edition: The acclaimed wasteland RPG from Bethesda is the best game released in its year. The Game of the Year edition contains the original game and the DLC packs of Operation Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout and the latest Mothership Zeta. All this for the 75% off price of $24.95!


Assassin’s Creed Director’s Cut: The beautiful and sinister world that Altair roams can now be yours for $24.95 as well! Experience the political tension sweeping through the third crusades in 1191 AD and take out your enemies in style.


Prey: For a price of $3.95 this FPS caters to a whole new dynamic of wall-walking and gravity-defying stunts as you try to combat a living alien spaceship that devours humans for lunch. Experience the battle to regain your health as you walk through death and command the spirits of your ancestors to guide you through the spaceship.


Europa Universalis III Complete: The complete strategy collection of Napoleanic wars waged through diplomacy, trade, warfare and exploration can be yours for $7.50 only this week!


The Void: This beautiful indie game combines elements of Myst (vaguely) with Color your one resource in the entirety of the game. You have to draw your way through this game with different colors that act as your health/mana/armor everything! Get this huge game for the price of just $5.


Devil May Cry 4: Love hack ‘n’ slash games? Think Dante is the coolest gaming character ever? Well, here’s your chance to carry forward Capcom’s series of games that overflow with stylish fighting and uber-cool graphics. Just for $14.95!


Fort Zombie: This DRM free game is made in the casual-RPG style set in a zombie invasion scenario. The game involves gathering supplies and gearing a single building for defense and spend the night defending it from zombies! This can be yours for just $2.50!


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