D2D Deal of the Week: Hammerfight 50% off

Hammerfight in one line is a Steampunk game featuring mouse-dependant fighting controls of a gyrocopter with dangling weapons from an indie Russian developer. Well, this line does not say much, but with a little bit of explanation, I’m sure you will understand what this is all about.


Hammerfight is a Steampunk game: A subgenre of SF and alternate history, with fictional inventions and outlandish technology that runs off steam. Think Wild Wild West and you have steampunk. This 2D game features the typical iron-made gyrocopters that you fly around in a dense, if a little low-res backgrounds.

Hammerfight Screen1

Hammerfight has a gyrocopter with dangling weapons that are controlled by the mouse: Realistic physics merged with fantasy was done best in Trine, and Hammerfight aims to do the same with flying iron houses with weapons that are handled by the mouse. The extent to which you move your mouse and hit the target governs the amount of damage given so frantic sideway motions with the mouse are commonplace in this game and can be said to be the essence that defines the game. And it does so excellently.

Hammerfight Screen2

Hammerfight is an indie game from Russia: Konstantin Koshutin developed this game under KranX Productions and scored. This beautiful game, reminiscent of the classic top-down shooters with a twist is highly worth it for $9.99.

Hammerfight Screen3

However since this is a deal post, I guess you are waiting for the deal price. Well, over at Direct2Drive, this game is selling at the 50% off price of $4.99, DRM-free. That is a sweet deal, if you ask me!

Hammerfight Screen4

Nevertheless, if you wish to try a demo before buying this game with about 50 weapons, breakable objects, great art and setting with a story to boot, head over to Steam for the free demo!

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