Convert PowerPoint To Flash [Giveaway License Keys]

The Giveaway of the day blog is giving away a excellent tool called PPT2Flash for free today. PPT2Flash or PowerPoint to Flash Converter allows you to quickly convert PowerPoint to Flash with a single click.


The created Flash movie not only retains the original PowerPoint but also brings benefits of Flash.

PPT2Flash features

  • Quickly and easily convert PowerPoint presentations to Flash format.
  • Author nice-looking Flash content for your site or blog with no programming.
  • Record audio narrations for your presentations for better viewing experience.
  • Share presentation on web easily with up to 90% reduction in file size.

With PPT2Flash You Can Convert PowerPoint and:

  • Generate animated Flash file (.SWF)
  • Publish as Web page (.HTML)
  • Convert as Executable file (.EXE)
  • Create ScreenSaver
  • Create files for auto-run CD
  • Upload to remote FTP server
  • Package as E-mail attachment

The regular price of PPT2Flash is $59.95, however you can download this application for FREE today only as a part of the Giveaway of the day free license giveaways, so if you are looking for a handy software to convert PPT to Flash files, head out to the Giveaway of the day and download your fully licensed copy of PPT2Flash for free.

Giveaway of the Day – PPT2Flash

One thought on “Convert PowerPoint To Flash [Giveaway License Keys]”

  1. Try FlashPoint PowerPoint to Flash converter
    Key features:
    -Retain the original animations, slide transitions, timings, callouts.
    -Preserve narration, sound, animation sound effects.
    -Extract video clips (*.asf *.wmv *.mpg) from original PowerPoint and re-create it in the final flash movie.
    – Compatible with PowerPoint 2007 and Windows Vista

    Even you can use it to convert your favorite PowerPoint to screensaver!!An easy-to-use but all in one program.

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