Buy Sony VAIO NW238F Laptop PC for $698: 15.5”, 2.1Ghz, 4GB Ram, 400GB HDD [Laptop Deals]

sony_viao_nw238f Ho ho ho, here is a nice little deal we found (US only) for Sonya VIAO NW238F laptop at Walmart. You can get this sexy beast for only $698.

NW238F Specs Include:

  • 2.1Ghz Intel T4300 processor with 800Mhz FSB
  • 4GB DDR2 Ram
  • 400GB Hard drive
  • 15.5widescreen LCD
  • Blu-ray Disc reader with CD/DVD writer
  • Comes with .

If you liked the specs, head over to Walmart to see the entire package and purchase it.

Buy Sony VAIO NW238F Laptop

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