Backupify: cloud backup[Free account till 31st January]

Backupify is a cloud backup solution which creates a backup of many of your online accounts like Gmail, Flickr, Twitter, Delicious, WordPress, Photobucket and alike. Backupify can backup all your online data from these accounts and that too for a nominal fee of around $4 to $15 based on the plan you choose. It also allows free backup of twitter accounts.

Backupify is now offering free accounts till the 31st of January. These accounts will be fully functional and will have all features. Also, the free accounts created during this offer will remain free and unlimited forever. That is an excellent offer from Backupify, so grab your free account today. Visit the Backupify homepage here.

Backupify is continuously adding new services to their list and will soon add support for LinkedIn and Yahoo. The process of giving away free accounts is an attempt to create a buzz for attracting new users and for advertising a new revised pricing scheme, which will be announced earlier next year.

As Rob May, the President of Backupify puts it,

It’s about data liberation. My data is everywhere. I just want to be able to control it.

And when it is about a free backup, we would all love to try it.

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