Uber Offering Free Credit… And On Demand Ice Cream?!

Like ice cream and Uber Cabs? You’re in for a treat. In honor of national ice cream month, Uber is offering on-demand ice cream tomorrow only. For $12, you can request five ice creams to be delivered to your door. How do you get in on this offer? Make sure you’re located in one of Uber’s supported cities and download their mobile app. Once installed, you will be able to request a cab or ice cream. Remember, this offer is only good on July 13th, 2012! Uber has also said that they will deliver some Uber schwag along with the ice cream, so make sure to get in on this deal. For more info, check out Uber’s blog post.

If you’re unaware, Uber is a on-demand cab service which allows you to request cars via your smartphone. And Uber doesn’t send just any cab, they will send luxury vehicles to pick you up. Because of this, Uber can get a bit pricy, but is usually worth it as the cars are clean, comfortable and sleek. Uber is currently in twelve cities including Chicago, San Francisco and New York City.

If you don’t plan on having ice cream delivered to you tomorrow, Uber still has a treat for you. If you take a photo of yourself eating ice cream and post it on Twitter with the hashtag “#OMGUBERICECREAM”, you’ll have a $5 credit added to your Uber account. But hurry, you can only grab this offer until noon tomorrow.

Source: Uber Blog via Uber Chicago
Image Source: EEPaul

Download PAC-MAN For Android – Free

Great deal for Android users. Amazon App Store offers a free download for the Pac-Man Android app. The offer is valid for today only and will cost $4.99 thereafter.
Pac Man Android App
In order to promote the Amazon’s Android AppStore, Amazon will be giving away free Android apps every day. So get, set and go (everyday!)

P.S. You can install an app called Amazon Free App of the Day Notifier that checks the Amazon App Store each day to find which app is available for free.

Lady Gaga’s New Album Born This Way Sells For $0.99 On Amazon

Amazon’s deal of the day, Lady Gaga’s brand-new album “Born this way” is available for digital download for just $0.99. Amazon is also offering 20GB of Cloud Drive storage for free with the album. The deal offers 14 songs and a digital booklet.

Born This Way - Lady Gaga

Track List:

  1. Marry the Night
  2. Born This Way
  3. Government Hooker (Censored)
  4. Judas
  5. Americano
  6. Hair
  7. Scheiße” (Uncensored)
  8. Bloody Mary
  9. Bad Kids” (Censored)
  10. Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)
  11. Heavy Metal Lover
  12. Electric Chapel
  13. You and I
  14. The Edge of Glory

Amazon tweeted, “We’re currently experiencing very high volume. If you order today, you will get the full @ladygaga album for $.99. Thanks for your patience.”

The album is available on Apple iTunes for $11.99

Bejeweled 2 – Free for Today Only

bejeweled2-icon I just downloaded and installed Bejeweled 2 FREE! If you know about this game, I don’t have to tell you what a great time-waster it is. To celebrate 10 years since the release of the original Bejeweled, PopCap Games is offering it for free, today only.

Your deadline is 10pm PST. In case you didn’t catch the significance, the date and time are 10-10-10 @ 10 pm.


It seems like everyone is celebrating this once in a lifetime alignment of tens. Did you know that 10-10-10 is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything? Yes, it’s a very special day.

Here’s what PopCap says about the game:

Get set to play the PopCap game that set the standard in casual gaming! Match sparkling gems three at a time to make them burst in showers of color and points. Match four or more to create flashy power gems that boost your score and your mood with brilliant cascades and combos. Soar to gem-matching heights in Classic mode, or speed through matches against the clock in Action. For even more dazzling fun, bump up your brainwaves with multi-faceted Puzzles, or enter the Zen state of Endless play. Every match is high-carat fun!

And here’s a glimpse of the game:


I’ve kept you waiting long enough here’s the link to get this free offer:

(requires a name and email address)

Go Here to Get Bejeweled 2 for FREE


BPhone: Unlocked Linux Smartphone at $570 With a Giant Screen [Phone Deal]

ChinaGrabber is shipping an unlocked Linux smartphone which has an impressive set of features.

Founded in 2007, ChinaGrabber is a sourcing company. We are exclusive sellers of many of the latest Phones, Car DVD Players, GPS Navigation, BT Multi Interphone, Mp3 and Mp4 players on this site.

The unlocked phone has no brand except for the name bPhone and sports ARM Linux 2.6 on Marvell’s ARM/XScale PXA320 processor.But you might have a good reason to have some interest in this feature packed gadget.
To start with, it sports a decent 624 MHz of processor frequency with a 256 MB flash storage and a 128 MB RAM. There is a SD card which can extend your memory to 16 GB. The outstanding feature of the bPhone though, is it’s scree which is huge at  800 x 480, has a 180 degree swivel and is fully touch screen. The display can be folded back into the phone at a hinge just like a notebook.

Apart from that, it features a full QWERTY keyboard and has WiFi, Bluetooth, FM Radio and GPS. The talkime is estimated at 4 hours. The interface supports widget and the OS has support for Java applications.

The phone is selling for $57 which is a $230 discount on the regular price of $800. Head over to ChinaGrabber to claim your bPhone.
[ Via: linuxfordevices ]

Pre-Purchase DoWII Chaos Rising on Steam and Get Saints Row 2 Free

Blood Ravens or the Chaos Marines of the Black Legion you choose in this exciting new sequel to Dawn of War II. Yes, we all hunger for this game it has become the object of our fantasy, and about three weeks before its release date, Steam has decided to egg us on with a juicy pre-purchase offer on Chaos Rising. The $29.99 price tag notwithstanding, Steam is ready to give away Saints Row 2 for free if you pre-purchase Chaos Rising.

Chaos Rising

So why would I buy Chaos Rising anyway, you ask? Well, in addition to the usual gimmicks of a sequel (new missions, units, maps, level caps) a new Chaos corruption mechanic adds to the brooding flavor of the atmosphere. Devastating weapons laced with the corruption of the Chaos Gods influence this story which (as always) is full of the brutality that has become the trademark of the DoW series.


And while you are waiting for the game to unlock, what would be a better way to spend those nail-biting days and nights than playing an open-world action game? That is exactly what Saints Row 2 is. With complete customization and great combat not to mention multiplayer support to go with the story missions that span the entire free-roaming world, this is a game for all of you Fallout 3, Oblivion, GTA lovers who would prefer a more down-to-Earth setting.

Dawn of War II: Chaos Rising is available for pre-purchase on Steam here.

Shadowgrounds Pack Deeply Discounted on Steam until 4PM PST today

Steam’s Midweek Madness sale has put up the Shadowgrounds pack for the deeply discounted price of $4.99 only until 4PM PST today (Thursday, 18th February, 2010). What is this Shadowgrounds thing, you ask? Well, it is the spiritual successor to Crusader: No Remorse and Alien Syndicate, top-down shooters that featured amazing environments, powerful weapons and blood, blood, goo and a little more blood. The Shadowgrounds pack consisting of the original Shadowgrounds and its sequel Shadowgrounds Survivor breathes new life into this action-packed genre and aims to waste hours of your time!


The first game offered only a glimpse of gory madness with an innovative weapon upgrade system, a realistic lighting system that ensured that the aliens you battled came out sneakily from the shadows in a haunting Alien-alien manner. Sure to shock you while making your eyes pop! There are little tidbits here and there that will maintain the atmosphere and influence the behavior of the aliens and your character very well!


The second game added on to the atmosphere and lighting of the first with realistic physics (thanks to AGEIA PhysX technology) featuring breakable objects as well. But as the Steam page says, surviving is only half the game. This game comes bundled with modding and editing tools that will have definitely piqued the interest of the community.


Well, what are you waiting for? This great top-down shooter collection is available for five dollars at the Steam store. Get it now!

D2D Deal of the Week: Hammerfight 50% off

Hammerfight in one line is a Steampunk game featuring mouse-dependant fighting controls of a gyrocopter with dangling weapons from an indie Russian developer. Well, this line does not say much, but with a little bit of explanation, I’m sure you will understand what this is all about.


Hammerfight is a Steampunk game: A subgenre of SF and alternate history, with fictional inventions and outlandish technology that runs off steam. Think Wild Wild West and you have steampunk. This 2D game features the typical iron-made gyrocopters that you fly around in a dense, if a little low-res backgrounds.

Hammerfight Screen1

Hammerfight has a gyrocopter with dangling weapons that are controlled by the mouse: Realistic physics merged with fantasy was done best in Trine, and Hammerfight aims to do the same with flying iron houses with weapons that are handled by the mouse. The extent to which you move your mouse and hit the target governs the amount of damage given so frantic sideway motions with the mouse are commonplace in this game and can be said to be the essence that defines the game. And it does so excellently.

Hammerfight Screen2

Hammerfight is an indie game from Russia: Konstantin Koshutin developed this game under KranX Productions and scored. This beautiful game, reminiscent of the classic top-down shooters with a twist is highly worth it for $9.99.

Hammerfight Screen3

However since this is a deal post, I guess you are waiting for the deal price. Well, over at Direct2Drive, this game is selling at the 50% off price of $4.99, DRM-free. That is a sweet deal, if you ask me!

Hammerfight Screen4

Nevertheless, if you wish to try a demo before buying this game with about 50 weapons, breakable objects, great art and setting with a story to boot, head over to Steam for the free demo!

Total War Mega Pack 66% Off on Steam

Seeing how Valve’s digital distribution site Steam ropes in buyers with constant sales, it is no surprise as the five huge Total War games (the huge here is redundant the Total War series is known for its scale). Where other strategy games scale down units and squads, this game makes no compromise on the matter. Command armies and send them to decimate fortresses and battle in the open for dominion over the region. With Empire, Medieval II and Rome, this combination pack of games is a great deal for $20.39 till the 15th of February.


The games included are:-

Empire: Total War: Command legions of men in the 18th century for colonial domination. This is one of the highest rated Total War games and can also be bought standalone for $10.19. If you have the rest of the games, buy this for it is an experience to play.


Medieval II: Total War: Ever wanted to direct an epic battle featuring 10,000 soldiers on an epic battleground? This is the closest you can get to the huge scenarios involving the Middle-East, Africa, Asia and the New World as you rewrite the history of the world!


Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms: The expansion to the previous game, this one does what it is supposed to expands countries, territories and units to fulfill all your cravings for more war!


Rome: Total War Gold: Conquer the Roman empire and crush the barbarians, or seize the Roman empire with your barbaric hordes. Epic has been an oft-repeated adjective for this series!


Rome: Total War Alexander: An expansion to Rome: Total War Gold this tantalizing game allows you to create the humungous Alexandrian Empire from Macedonia to the borders of India. Play as the Persians, Greeks or Indians in this expansion!


This entire package, usually priced at $59.99 is available to you at the price of $20.39 only on Steam until the 15th of February! So hurry!

Direct2Drive Launches Valentine’s Day Games Sale

You have to accept that Be My Bloody Valentineis a kick-ass name for a gamers’ Valentine’s day sale. Yes, IGN’s digital distribution house Direct2Drive has launched an amazing value sale of great games with up to 75% off. This sale includes seven acclaimed games that have found true love in the hands of their fans. The gaming deals on display are varied and will have something for everyone include that special Valentine for whom you can buy these games!


Fallout 3 GotY Edition: The acclaimed wasteland RPG from Bethesda is the best game released in its year. The Game of the Year edition contains the original game and the DLC packs of Operation Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Point Lookout and the latest Mothership Zeta. All this for the 75% off price of $24.95!


Assassin’s Creed Director’s Cut: The beautiful and sinister world that Altair roams can now be yours for $24.95 as well! Experience the political tension sweeping through the third crusades in 1191 AD and take out your enemies in style.


Prey: For a price of $3.95 this FPS caters to a whole new dynamic of wall-walking and gravity-defying stunts as you try to combat a living alien spaceship that devours humans for lunch. Experience the battle to regain your health as you walk through death and command the spirits of your ancestors to guide you through the spaceship.


Europa Universalis III Complete: The complete strategy collection of Napoleanic wars waged through diplomacy, trade, warfare and exploration can be yours for $7.50 only this week!


The Void: This beautiful indie game combines elements of Myst (vaguely) with Color your one resource in the entirety of the game. You have to draw your way through this game with different colors that act as your health/mana/armor everything! Get this huge game for the price of just $5.


Devil May Cry 4: Love hack ‘n’ slash games? Think Dante is the coolest gaming character ever? Well, here’s your chance to carry forward Capcom’s series of games that overflow with stylish fighting and uber-cool graphics. Just for $14.95!


Fort Zombie: This DRM free game is made in the casual-RPG style set in a zombie invasion scenario. The game involves gathering supplies and gearing a single building for defense and spend the night defending it from zombies! This can be yours for just $2.50!