Ultimate List of Tips and Tricks for Google Chrome
By on September 3rd, 2008

Google Chrome has just been released and people are already blogging about it like wildfire. There are several things that has already written about Google Chrome in addition to what you have read here. So instead of duplicating things, we have created a ultimate list of Google Chrome Tips and Tricks and reviews for your easy viewing.

The list will be similar to the Ultimate List of Tips and Tricks for Firefox 3 and will be a non-exhaustive list, so you can bookmark this post to find the latest tips and tricks for Google Chrome in one place.


Power User’s Guide to Google Chrome

As always Gina Trapani from Lifehacker, has written a power user’s guide for Google Chrome, a definite must read if you want to get the full benefits of using the latest browser.

Google Chrome Tips and Pointers

Google Blogscoped has a extensive list of tips and pointers for both users as well as developers, the article is worth a read.

How to run Google Chrome in Ubuntu / Linux?

Adam Pash from Lifehacker has a tutorial which shows how you can run Google Chrome in Ubuntu / Linux based machines with WINE.

Google Chrome Features That Are Missing in your Favorite Web Browser

Amit from Digital inspiration talks about the latest features in Google Chrome and those that are missing from your favorite browser.

Google Chrome Tips that are hard to find

Google Operating System has a article on the not-so-obvious things you can do in Google Chrome, the tips are really interesting and a must read.

How to Create Separate Profiles For Your Family Members / Other Users in Google Chrome?

Amit gives a in-depth tutorial on creating multiple profiles for different users of the same PC.

In-depth Review of Google Chrome

Adam Pash from Lifehacker takes a in-depth look at the working of Google Chrome. Check the post out as it details each and every thing you should know about the new browser.

How to Use Multiple Google Accounts in Google Chrome?

Google Operating System has a neat trick that will allow you to open browse multiple Gmail accounts in Google Chrome.

How to Change the Default Theme in Google Chrome?

Our tutorial showing you how you can change the default theme in Google Chrome. Google has its own theme repository at Free Chrome Themes which is not active yet.

How to Open Links in Google Chrome From Firefox?

Amit from Digital Inspiration has released a Firefox add-on that will help you open links in Google Chrome while you are using Firefox. It works much like the IE-Lite plugin, but in this case a new window is opened instead of embedding chrome into Firefox.

How to Display Only Icons In The Bookmarks Bar for Google Chrome?

Tech Recipes has a interesting post which describes, how you display only icons in the bookmarks bar, saves a lot of space and allows you to easily add more websites to the bookmarks bar.

30 Google Chrome Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

Tech Radar talks about 30 tips, tricks and shortcuts for Google Chrome, check it out as it contains lots of interesting information.

Google Chrome Browser Shortcut List

BlogsDNA has a post which details all the shortcut keys available in Google Chrome, the list covers pretty much every shortcut you would want to know about.

How to Run Java applets including Yahoo Games and Yahoo Chat in Google Chrome?

Our own post on how you can run java applets in Yahoo Games with the latest Java Runtime.

How to Install the Latest Flash Plugin in Google Chrome?

Hypernation has a handy tutorial about installing the latest Flash version in Google Chrome, so if you want to upgrade the flash for Google Chrome check out the article.

Seven Hidden Configuration Pages of Google Chrome Browser

BlogsDNA tells users about the hidden configurations available in Google Chrome including about:memory, about:stats and more.

Google Chrome about:internets Easter Egg

Lifehacker talks about a easter egg hidden inside Google Chrome when you type about:internets in the browser address bar.

How to Fix Aw SnapError in Google Chrome?

Our post about fixing the Aw Snap, something went wrongerror, when you try to run Google Chrome.

How to Backup your Google Chrome Profile?

Blogote talks about a simple tool to backup your Google Chrome Profile, do check it out.

Save a Extra Click While Pasting URLs in Google Chrome

Our article about how you can use the Paste and Gofunctionality to save that extra click, while pasting URLs from the clipboard.

Google Chrome omni bar – What is it?

Download Squad talks about the new omni bar feature in Google Chrome and how you can use it to search quickly from the address bar.

How to Browse Privately in Google Chrome?

Our article about the ways in which you can start incognito (a private session) that does not track your browsing history.

How to import bookmarks/favorites, passwords, history and search engines from IE and Firefox to Google Chrome?

Our article about importing your bookmarks and settings from Firefox and Internet Explorer to Google Chrome.

How top Open All Your Favorite Sites at Chrome Startup?

Nirmal from Life Rocks talks about how you can open all your favorite sites when you start Chrome.

Get the Portable Edition of Google Chrome

Sizlopedia tells us about the portable edition of Google Chrome, which is available for Download. This version can be run on your pen/flash drive.

How to Increase the default search results in Google Chrome Omnibox?

The How-To Geek tells us about a undocumented trick for Google Chrome, where you can increase the search results shown in Google Chrome Omnibox from the default 5 to any number.

How to setup Application Shortcuts in Chrome?

Nirmal once again tells us how you can create Application Shortcuts in Chrome, that will allow you to launch web applications as a standalone window in Chrome.

Using Chrome’s Task Manager to Kill Problematic Tabs

Tech Recipes has a tutorial which shows you how to kill problematic tabs that use huge memory or CPU with Chrome’s Task Manager.

7 Awesome things about Google Chrome

Mashable talks about seven awesome things you will find in Google Chrome

How to Change the Default Search Engine in Google Chrome?

Blogote talks about a simple way in which you can add and change search engines in Google Chrome.

How to Download Google Chrome in Windows 2000?

TecknoBites talks about a trick that will allow you to download Google Chrome on a Windows 2000 PC.

How to Disable Auto Suggestions in Google Chrome Omnibox?

Are you concerned about privacy with Google Chrome Omnibox? Lifehacker shows you how to disable the auto suggest feature in Omnibox.

How to Clear History and Browsing Data in Google Chrome?

Tech Recipes talks about deleting the browsing data and history in Google Chrome, specially useful when you are using a PC accessed by more than one person.

How to put the Home Button in Google Chrome Toolbar?

Tech Recipe shows a simple way in which you can put the Home button on the Google Chrome Toolbar.

Stumble Websites without a Toolbar in Google Chrome

Blogote has a nice tutorial which tells us how to stumble sites in Google Chrome, without a the StumbleUpon toolbar.

How to Add a Print Button to Bookmarks Bar?

Tech Recipes has a interesting tutorial about adding a print button to the Bookmarks Bar in Google Chrome.

Change the Default Download Location in Google Chrome?

Tech Recipes shows you how to change the default download location of Google Chrome.

How to Access Cache in Google Chrome?

The WWW Blog tells you how you can access the cache files in Google Chrome.

How to Backup Preferences in Google Chrome?

Sizzled Core shows you, how you can backup your preferences in Google Chrome.

Fix for application failed to initialize (0xc0000005):Google chrome

Techblissonline talks about a error that has been nagging many users who cannot install and run chrome, do check it out to see how you can workaround the issue.

This list is non-exhaustive and newer tips and tricks will be added to the list as and when we find them, if you want to include your own tips and tricks, please leave a comment here and we will add it.

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