Ultimate List of Firefox 3 Tips and Tricks
By on June 19th, 2008

We have been raving about Firefox 3 for quite some time now, but we are not alone, there are tons of people who are writing useful tips and tricks that can enhance your experience while using Firefox 3.

On the other hand Firefox 3 has already been downloaded 8.3 million times in a single day. To help out the millions of users find useful information in one place, we have created the ultimate list of tips and tricks for Firefox 3 written by talented bloggers from around the blogosphere.


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We will be regularly updating this list. If you think that your tip is useful and should be added to the list, feel free to contact us and we will definitely try to include it in this list. On the other hand if you have not yet downloaded Firefox 3 we recommend you download it, these tips and tricks will definitely make it worthwhile for you.


Starter and Power User Guides to Firefox 3

Need a in-depth tutorial on using the features in Firefox 3? DRIA have come up with the Field Guide for Firefox 3 with guide for each of the features Firefox 3 brings with it. You can learn more about the bookmarks or see what performance enhancements have been made.

The folks at Lifehacker have also written the Firefox 3 power user guides for making Firefox 3 more useful and better. You can find tips such as adjusting the smart location bar’s suggestions, deleting mistyped URL from the suggestions list, smart bookmarking tips and more.

Mashable also provides another much needed guide to learn more about Firefox 3 and its features. Webware gives you a Producers view of Firefox 3 talking about the behind the scene working of Firefox. And last but not the least checkout the review of Firefox 3 done by CyberNet news.

Top Features In Firefox 3

The folks at Lifehacker have written a wonderful post to highlight the top 10 features in Firefox. Lifehacker details the new features such as the new interface, the new add-on manager, malware protection and more. If you have just begun using Firefox you can find out what it is all about by reading the top 10 Firefox 3 features.

Tweaking Your Firefox 3 Location bar

Many people have said that they do not like the way Firefox 3 location bar works and may want to do away with it. Mozilla Links heard you right and have put up a comprehensive list of 9 tweaks you can apply to the Firefox 3 location bar to make it much better or disable it once and for all.

Make Firefox 3 More Faster

We love the speed of Firefox 3 but not many people will let us be satisfied with it. The XP Tech Support guys want you to want for more and tell you how to get it too. Read their trick on making Firefox 3 even more Faster.

Convert Firefox into a Social Networking Hub

Social networking is definitely one of the best way to get in touch with friends and family and share things with them, but why live a scattered social networking life when you can easily convert Firefox into your Social Networking hub with useful add-ons and extensions.

Recover Firefox 2 passwords in Firefox 3

Did you lose your passwords on your move from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3? Thepinkc Ultimate Geek has a handy article on how you can recover your passwords from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3.

Restore Lost Bookmarks From Firefox 2 in Firefox 3

We know that passwords are not the only thing you care about and bookmarks are important to you as well. If you have lost your bookmarks during the transition, Jeetblog has a life saving article that will restore your lost Firefox 2 bookmarks in Firefox 3.

If you believe that prevention is better than cure you should definitely look at how you can backup your bookmarks and restore them at a later date in Firefox 2 and Firefox 3.

Disable Autocomplete Location Bar in Firefox 3

Firefox comes built with a great and versatile location bar, but we know many of you may not be used to it and may want to switch to the plain old Firefox 2 location bar. SimpleHelp was kind enough to detail the steps to disable the autocomplete feature and revert the location bar settings to Firefox 2.

Customizing Your Firefox 3 Toolbar

Over a period of time we have told you how to create a customized toolbar in Firefox as well deleting the customized toolbar you have created. Talking about Firefox 3 About.com gives you a in depth tutorial to help you create a customized toolbar in Firefox 3.

Select and Copy Multiple Areas of Text in Firefox 3

We know how difficult it is to copy texts from different areas while you are browsing the Internet, it’s just painful to keep copy pasting multiple times till you have got all the information you want. In this tip which we had written earlier we tell you how you can select and copy multiple areas of text in Firefox 3. Well go ahead read it and save yourself some time the next time you go out to research something.

Quickly View Stored Password for Any Website in Firefox 3

Ever wondered if you have any passwords stored for the website you are browsing currently, check out a quick way to view stored passwords for any website in Firefox 3.

Quickly Save All Images and Media Files From the Website Your Visiting

Many a times you may need to save all the images or media files from the website you are currently visiting. Technospot tells you how you can quickly save all the media files including images using a nice little trick.

Add-ons, Add-ons and more Add-ons

How can Firefox be without the useful add-ons and extensions? Here are few useful links to get started with Firefox add-ons and extensions.

Also don’t forget to read our the list of Firefox Extensions we have been promoting.

Firefox 3 Themes

Well how can we forget something that makes Firefox 3 look much more nicer and jazzier? Check out the links below to find out which theme suits you best.

Haven’t found the theme that satisfies you? You can always checkout the Mozilla add-on repository for themes.

Firefox 3 Tips and Tricks Updates

Like we said this list will continue to grow, the new features we discover will go into this category as we discover it or has been submitted to us.

Getting the most out of Firefox 3 Page Info Menu

Firefox 3 has a brand new Page Info Menu for which we have already included a couple of tricks in our original post. GHacks in the meantime wrote a interesting post on leveraging the Page Info Menu to get the most out of it. Technospot adds their expertise on how you can find interesting information from the info menu.

Getting Ready For Firefox 3 with Backups

Firefox Facts has a interesting article on the different things you should be backing up before your Move to Firefox 3.

Trim the Location Bar in Firefox 3 to One Line

Don’t want more information in the location bar, GHacks tells you how you can trim the Firefox 3 location bar to one line. Digital Inspiration on the other hand tells you how to disable favorites from appearing in the location bar.

Post Firefox 3 Installation Tips

Kong Technology has a interesting article on things you should do after you have installed Firefox 3.

Export Firefox 3 Bookmarks to Bookmarks.html

LyteByte has a nice little tutorial on how you can export your Firefox 3 bookmarks to bookmarks.html file.

Find How Often You Visit a Web Site in Firefox 3

Lifehacker has another good article that shows you how often you visit a site in Firefox 3.

Make Most of Firefox 3 Full Screen Mode

MozillaLinks has a nice article on how you can get the best out of the Full screen feature in Firefox 3.

Applying User Styles to Firefox

Want to change the way Firefox looks without using any additional themes? Lifehacker has a nice tutorial on applying Functional Firefox User Styles.

Firefox 3 Tips and Tricks

Ryan from CyberNet News has put up a list of tips and tricks that will allow you to enhance your browsing experience with Firefox 3.

Putting about:config in the Sidebar

One of Lifehackers readers shows you how to put the about:config in the sidebar so that you do not have to open a new tab every time you want to change a configuration.

Troubleshoot Crashing or Hanging problems in Firefox 3

How to Geek has a interesting article to troubleshoot Firefox 3 if it hangs or crashes frequently.

Five ways to master bookmarks in Firefox 3

Webware tells you how you can take control of the new bookmarks in Firefox 3 and become a master with in five simple ways.

Import Del.icio.us Bookmarks into Firefox 3

Adam from Lifehacker shows you how you can import your bookmarks from Del.icio.us into the bookmarks system for Firefox 3.

Like we said this list is not exhaustive and quite a few more resources will find it’s way into it. We want this list to be your one stop place for Everything Firefox 3 and you can contribute to it too, so contact us or leave a comment if you want something included in the list and we will try our best to get it in.

P.S: We are just providing a source of information for Firefox 3 users, if you feel that your post not should be here drop us a line and we will remove it.

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