Must Have Applications for Nokia N95, N96 and Symbian Smartphones – Part II

Continuing our series of must have Nokia Apps, here is the second installment on applications you should have for Nokia N95, N96 and other Nokia Smartphones. Don’t forget to view the Part I of Must have Applications for Nokia.

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In this round we will cover some really good apps that will add value to the already feature rich phones Nokia come out with.

Jbak TaskMan Task Manager for Nokia Symbian Smartphones

jbak-taskman-task-manager-for-nokia-smartphones jbak-taskman-task-manager-for-nokia-smartphones-application-details

The one thing I like about Nokia is the ability to open and work with multiple applications at a single time, the problem occurs when you have to re-open minimized applications.

In those cases you need to visit the application menu and click on the application to reopen it. Jbak TaskMan is a definitely a life saver, it allows you to view all the open applications at a single place, view the memory usage, close the application, launch a application and more and to make it all the more better, it is absolutely free to use.

After installing Jbak TaskMan, press and hold the application menu key to directly load it. This is a definite must have for all Nokia Smartphone users, we highly recommend you to download it, if you haven’t done so yet.

Download Jbak TaskMan for Nokia Smartphones

Screenshot for Symbian

screenshot-for-nokia-symbian-smartphones Want to quickly share a screenshot of your phone? Screenshots for Symbian is one of the best tools you will ever find for a Nokia Smartphone. We have covered this application in detail, so head there to read the complete review and download this must-have application.

Once you have installed the app, you can setup the to take once click screenshots with this application. Most of the screenshots in this post, have been taken using this application.

Best Screenshot Application for Nokia Smartphones

Y-Browser File Browsing Application

y-browser-file-manager-for-nokia-symbian-smartphones The default Nokia file browser is not that good, if you are looking for a alternative, Y-Browser is definitely be the best one.

Y-Browser is a free file manager application designed for S60 3rd edition Symbian smartphones.  The file browser is definitely handy to quickly browse through files stored on the main memory as well as the phone memory.

Download Y-Browser for Symbian 3rd Edition S60 devices

Google Maps with GPS Support

google-maps-for-nokia-smartphones Don’t want to get lost while travelling? Use the handy Google Maps with GPS support to find the directions to your destination.

Google Maps for you phone helps you to:

  • Determine your current location with or without GPS
  • Get driving and transit directions
  • Get phone numbers and addresses for local businesses

Definitely must have application for any Nokia smartphones.

Download Google Maps with GPS Support

Putty SSH Client for Symbian OS

putty-for-symbian-os Want to manage your *nix based servers from your phone, or just want to reboot your web server on the go? Remember Putty? The telnet and SSH client for Windows.

Putty for Symbian OS is the same application, but specially created to run on your Nokia smartphone.

Like the desktop version, you can create connections to several servers to manage them from your phone.

Download Putty for Nokia Smartphones

Step Counter and Sports Tracker For Health Conscious Smart Phone Users

nokia-step-counter-application-for-nokia-smartphones nokia-sports-tracker-for-nokia-smartphones

If you are health conscious, here are two applications that will help you keep track of the number of calories you burnt today, or the number of steps you walked.

The Nokia Step Counter not only counts your steps, it also determines the distance you have covered and your energy expenditure. You can even compare your activity levels on different days by looking up the summaries stored in a handy diary.

Nokia Sports Tracker is a GPS-based activity tracker that runs on Nokia smartphones. Whenever you train, information such as your speed, distance, and time are automatically stored to your training diary. In addition, you are now able to store, share, and compare your workouts with friends at the new Sports Tracker Beta web service at

Download Nokia Step Counter | Download Nokia Sports Tracker

DivX Mobile Player


DivX Mobile is the mobile version of the popular video player for desktop based systems, it packs in the same punch, allowing you to watch high-quality DivX videos on your cellphone.

Definitely a worthwhile substitution to the in-built Real media payer bundled with Nokia smartphones.

Download DivX Mobile Player

mToolbox Collection of Handy Tools


mToolbox is a collection of useful tools which you can access with the click of a button, it is fast to use and has 9 functions.

Add the mToolbox shortcut to the quick launch and get one click access to a calculator, to-do list, stopwatch, unit converter, world clock, timer, flashlight, counter and a dice

Download mToolbox for Nokia Smartphones

FreeCallSprite Dial-up Vibration Software

Usual way of calling a number is to dial the number and hold the phone next to your ears to wait for the other person to pick up the phone.

With FreeCallSprite you can dial the number and hold the phone in your hand, the phone will vibrate when the call is connected, intimating you that the other person has picked up the call.

Definitely useful if you call people who don’t pick up phones until the 10th ring.

Download FreeCallSprite for Nokia Smartphones (It’s unsigned, read note at end to sign the application)

Are we done yet? No way, there are quite a few  more applications we will reveal in the coming days, so stay tuned to get find interesting applications for Nokia N95, N96 and other Symbian smartphones.

Note: Some of the applications are may not signed, so you will need to self-sign them, read our tutorial on self signing Symbian S60 applications to sign the unsigned applications.

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