Must Have Applications For Nokia N95 and Other Nokia Smartphones – Part I

We got out hands on a Nokia N95 Smartphone recently and have been in awe with the performance and features it has, we had also promised you that we would shortly come up with a list of applications that we use on the N95, here is the promised post where we tell you the top applications you should definitely try out.

Some of the applications are may not signed, so you will need to self-sign them, read our tutorial on self signing Symbian S60 applications to sign the unsigned applications.

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Here is the first batch of 10 must have applications for your Nokia Smartphone, we will come up with few more of these shortly.

Qik Live Video Broadcasting/Streaming

qik-logo The N95 has a pretty good camera which can shoot at resolutions of 5 Megapixels, what better way to combine a great camera with a great utility that allows you to capture and broadcast live videos on the Internet. This app does not store anything on your phone, making it space efficient too. Visit

Opera Mini Mobile Internet Browser

OperaMini20LogoThe default Symbian S60 browser is pretty good, but Opera Mini rocks, it is the best alternative for browsing the Internet from any Smartphone. The rendering of pages with Opera is pretty fast and almost PC like, so you will never feel like your browsing on a phone.You can also view Flash files when you are browsing with Opera Mini. Download Opera Mini.

SkyFire Mobile Internet Browser

skyfire-logo Though we are definitely in love with Opera Mini, we could not give up the chance to use the most happening mobile browser called Skyfire, the browsing experience is pretty fast and watching videos was definitely a treat. Skyfire is currently in private beta, so you will have to signup for a invite. Signup for Skyfire Private Beta.

Gmail Application for Gmail

gmail-logo If you are a Gmail addict like us, this is definitely a must have application, you can view your emails at lightning speed with a nice little interface, that keeps your focus on those emails, there are also lots of shortcut keys that you would use with this app. Get Gmail App for your Smartphone.

Yahoo Go Everything you need in One App


Yahoo Go is a definite must have application, it has several widgets built-in for checking emails on Yahoo, checking weather forecasts, city guides, latest news, stock news and more. By far this is the best mobile app to have for any Nokia Smartphone. Get Yahoo Go.

Fring and Nimbuzz All in One IM, Social Networking tools

fring-logo Fring is one of the best all in one IM tool for Nokia Smartphones, it has support for Skype, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, SIP, AIM and Yahoo, along with that it also supports our favorite means of communication, twitter.

Setting up and using fring is pretty simple with a added option to launch the application on startup.

nimbuzz-logo Nimbuzz is another all in one IM application, but with more social networking support for platforms like Facebook, MySpace sadly it does not support Twitter yet. In addition to IM support Nimbuzz also allows free VOIP calls and text and file sharing.

emTube Application to watch YouTube Videos

emtube_screen emTube is a Flash Lite 3 based video player, which makes watching YouTube videos a treat, the player has a simple interface, allowing users to view videos with ease. The application also has nice search support which shows you results with video author and preview image for the video.

The application allows you to play the videos even though it has not been fully downloaded and also stores the downloaded video locally. Download emTube | Download emTube with accelerometer support for N95.

Active Notes Note Taking Application

active-notes active-notes-2

Active Notes is definitely one of the best note taking application for S60 Devices, the application allows you to add plain text notes, along with images, sound clips, video clips, business cards, bookmarks and files. Think of it as Evernote for the S60 phone. Download Active Notes.

Calcium A Better Calculator


Calcium is a fast, easy to use calculator for your S60 phone. Calcium provides a much faster way to calculate, making use of the D-pad for the operators, if you use the calculator frequently you will surely move this one.

Download Calcium for S60 3rd Edition or S60 1st and 2nd Edition.

More interesting apps coming up shortly so keep tuned to learn about them.

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