Google Chrome Extensions List

has added support for extensions, a feature many users are eagerly awaiting for, however there are a few extensions which are already worth using.

Here is a list of extensions that you can install and use in Google Chrome, you can checkout a handy tutorial on installing and uninstalling extensions in Google Chrome.

You might also want to check a Google Chrome Extension Manager, that allows users to disable/uninstall extensions in Google Chrome.

chrome_extensions_screenshot cleeki_chrome_extension

Stick Notes Extension – This Extension will allow you to create Sticky Notes in Google Chrome. Download Sticky Notes Extension.

Gmail Checker This extension basically displays a toolstrip that shows how many messages are in your Gmail inbox, clicking on the counter will open your inbox. Install Gmail Checker extension.

Subscribe In Google Reader If you are a Google Reader user, this tool will help you subscribe to feeds from websites with a single click, if you have already subscribe to the feed in Google Reader, you will see a Checkmark next to the subscribe button. Install Subscribe in Google Reader.

Page Rank Checker for Chrome This extension will show the page rank of the page you are browsing currently in the toolstrip. Install Page Rank for Chrome.

AdSweep AdSweep is a extension that will allow users to block ads in Google Chrome, a previously mentions script Adblock+ for Google Chrome did something similar. Install AdSweep.

Cleeki If you have used IE8 accelerators, you will know how useful they can be, Cleeki is a Google Chrome extension that brings features similar to accelerators to Google Chrome. Install Cleeki.

Google Bookmarks Extension – This extension will sync your bookmarks with Google Bookmarks, however it will delete your current bookmarks so make sure to take a backup before you install this extension. Install Google Bookmarks Extension.

Google Toolbar Extension –  Adds several features from Google Toolbar to Google Chrome.

Alarm Clock Extension – Adds a clock which can also be used to set alarms.

Delicious Extension – This extension will allow you to bookmark pages to your Delicious account. Install Delicious Extension.

Toons Buttons Extension – This extension will change the default icons for Google Chrome.

XML Tree – Adds XML renedering support to Google Chrome.

Mouse Gesture Extension – This extension will allow you to use mouse gestures to perform several tasks. Download Mouse Gesture Extension.

Chritter – Twitter Extension for Chrome – This extension will allow you to view twitter updates in Google Chrome. Download Chritter.

Stumble It – Adds a button at the bottom of the screen to stumble a given page. Download StumbleIt.

Animate Weather Extension – This  extension will show you animated weather infromation for any location. Download Aniweather.

YouTube Download Helper – This extension will ease your task of downloading videos from YouTube. Download YouTube Download Helper.

Google Reader Extension – This is a better version of the Google Reader extension. Download Google Reader Extension.

Gtalk Extension – A pretty simple extension that pops up the Google Talk widget, useful if you do prefer to use the web widget for chatting with friends.  Download GTalk Extension

What Is My Ip Extension – A simple extension to display your current external IP address. Download What Is My IP Extension.

We will try and keep this list up-to-date whenever we come across new extensions. Do you know of any other extensions for Google Chrome? Do let us know about them and we will add it to this list.

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  • BIlal Bhatti

    I have created another beautiful plugin like this. Please do check…

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  • Jacques Snyman | 3Q

    I am using Chrome, and the ability to pimp it out a bit is definitely to my liking. I am having technical difficulties here though. The add extention change to Chrome gets rejected as an invalid file path.

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  • La Digue

    Great! Google Chrome is becoming more and more popular so this extension list will keep on growing. Web designers also need to keep compatibility into consideration as Google Chrome is growing into a fine browser…

  • Martyn Parker

    Don’t forget you can use and userscripts in google chrome which is what really persuaded me to switch to the Dev version full time. You need to put them here (in windows 7):

    C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\User Scripts

    Most will work. Some won’t. It’s a matter of trial and error.

  • Martyn Parker

    Well the above came out horribly….. the directory structure is wrong and should read:

    C:\Users\”Your Login Name”\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\User Scripts

    There is also an AdBlock+ extension for chrome which is much better than AdSweep.

    You’ll need to google that one.

  • Free Memo

    Good things, but not even close to extensions in Fireworks :( No firebug equivalent and no real extension makes Chrome a nice toy but no more. Pity, since I like the speed and simplicity.

  • Live Wire

    Hmm, maybe its time to give the G Chrome another chance. Do you by chance know if there’s an FTP thingy for Chrome, like FF has?

  • Indie

    I am using Chrome, and the ability to pimp it out a bit is definitely to my liking

  • bilal

    finally…..i got the Stumble It extension for chrome.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  • Tech-Freak Stuff

    Even though Chrome is trying to be the Next Firefox it has still a long way to go! But Chrome is capturing the market at a fast pace!

  • Steve Voucher Codes

    I’ll stick with Firefox for now I think, but it’s getting more and more tempting to switch.

  • Place For Bloggers

    I’ll add WordPress stats for chrome at

    A real time saver :)

  • Dave Reebok

    nice list, but im surprised you have left out the best chrome extension for cleaning up facebook, FB Purity, here let me fix that for you: You can get it on the official chrome extensions site here:
    or the official FB Purity site here: