Cool Angry Bird Merchandise Collection

The Angry Birds addiction is now overflowing towards the Angry Birds merchandise. There is a variety of merchandise up for grabs at the Angry Bird store and elsewhere. Here is a list of some cool and great Angry Bird merchandise available at the online store.


Sesame Street Parody T-Shirt

Blue T-shirt

Help Me Help Me T-shirt


Failed T-Shirt

Bomber Face Bomber Face

The Nest The Nest

Girly Face Girly T-shirt

Red Face Hoody

Red Hoodie

Bird Faces

Bird Faces

Laptop and iPhone Skin

Laptop Skin

Laptop Skin

iPhone Skin

iPhone Skin

Plush Toys

Blue Bird

Red Bird Red Bird

Green Pig

Green Pig

White Bird White Bird

Yellow Bird Yellow Bird

Shoulder Bags

Green Shoulder Bag and  Black Shoulder Bag

Green Bag Black Bag

Key chain

Blue Key chain Collection and  3D Key chain

Key chain


Key chain 3D








Red Flip-flops and Green Flip-flops

Red Flip-flp Green Flip-flop


iPod Case and iPhone CaseGreen iPod CaseiPhone Case - Red

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