Best of Flickr (1)

Photography is one of my most enjoyed hobby. I capture things that attract my eyes and especially macros, which I love to shoot most of the time. Not a PRO photographer with all DLSR and various kinds of lenses in hand, but with just a Sony DSC-W5 Cyber-shot, I try to capture the world.

Flickr, as you know, a image and video hosting site, is the most widely used of all. And of late, I’ve been uploading all my collections there :-)

In this post, I’d like to share with you the best photographs of various photographers that I’ve liked. I hope you enjoy them :-)

P.S I hope that you’ve liked it. This is my first set. Many more collections to come. Stick around :-)

One thought on “Best of Flickr (1)”

  1. Hey Joel wonderful collection dude, and thanks for adding my pictures too in the list! It is a great honor!

    Continue your skills in studies and taking pictures!All the best for your photography and studies!


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