80+ Awesome Games for Nokia S60 Smartphones

Having used the Nokia N95 for over a month now, my experience with gaming on the phone has been tremendous, over the last month I have collected over 30 games which are awesome from various sites including Nokia Mosh.

Finding those games took me a lot of time, so I thought of putting up a list where you can easily find the best games for Nokia S60 Smartphones, this list will be non-exhaustive, and I will keep adding newer games as and when I find them.

Most of these games should work with Nokia N95, Nokia N95 8GB, Nokia N82, Nokia N73, Nokia N61 and other Nokia smartphones.


Action Games

Kung Fu Panda If you loved the movie, you should definitely love this game too. In addition to learning the skills from Master Shifu, you also get to play the escape of Tai Lung from the prison. Download.

Batman The Dark Knight Play the ever green batman to destroy the dark knight in the game based on the latest batman movie. Download.

Hitman Episode 2 Play the role of the stealth assassin from the popular series Hitman, nice graphics and strategy play. Download.

Spiderman 3 Want to spin a web of power? Play the role of Spiderman and save the people, while getting some special dark powers that will increase your ability to fight the bad guys. Download.

Mummy 3 Fancy playing the role of Brendan Fraser in the popular Mummy series, you have your chance to destroy evil with this game. Download.

Call of Duty 4 The popular action game COD4 for your smartphone. Download.

Medal of Honor Want to fight for honor, play the popular PC and console game on your smartphone. Download.

Lost Planet Based on the popular movie, this game takes you through icy terrains. Download.

Incredible Hulk Show off your super natural powers in this game based on the Incredible Hulk movie. Download.

Rambo Forever Carry a big machine gun and destroy the enemies, based on the popular Rambo movie. Download.

Black Shark 3D Get on the helicopter and destroy the furious terrorists. Download.

Tomb Raider 3D Play the role enacted by Lara Croft in the popular Tomb Raider movie. Download.

Indiana Jones 4 Another spin off from the popular Indiana Jones movie. Download.

Fantasy Warrior Save your sister from the clutches of evil in this 3D game. Download.

God of War A popular action game with great graphics and game play. Download.

Cobra Strike – Cobra helicopter strike against tanks and alien ships. Download.

Superman Returns A game based on the popular flying superhero. Download.

Counter Strike The popular PC and console game can be played on your mobile too. Download.

Wanted A game based on the Angelina Jolie movie Wanted. Download.

Rocky: Apollos Fall Knockout your opponents from the competition to win glory. Download.

Fun Games

Wall-E Play the cute robot in the game based on the popular movie, cleaning up planet earth. Download.

Mr Snoozleberg Guide a sleep walking Snoozleberg from obstacles that come in his path. Download.

Scooby Doo: Saving Shaggy The funny dog from the cartoon series Scooby Doo is all set to save his master Shaggy from evil. Download.

Tornado Mania The popular Tornado mania game in 3D. Download.

Crazy Frog Train your frog to race against other frogs. Download.

Disney Summer Games Get the kid out you while you play the game based on the famous Disney characters. Download.

Beach Volleyball Enjoy the game growing in popularity on your smartphone. Download.

Jurassic Park A fun game were the you need to shoot dinosaurs. Download.

Racing Games

Ducati 3D Extreme A really nice game for a bike loving enthusiastic, bet on your own skills while you earn money to buy new spare parts or a new bike itself. Download.

Need for Speed Carbon Who wouldn’t love Need for speed, the popular PC and console games can be played on your smartphones too. Download.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Another popular need for speed version for you smartphone. Download.

MotoGP Want to take part in the tournament for biking glory, download this game and show your skills while you race to win. Download.

Pro Moto Racing Another nice bike game for racing enthusiast, juggle your gears to match you speed while you aim to defeat the others. Download.

Kraze Race on mountain tops and trick terrains in this game, show off your skills to beat the others. Download.

Coast Cruiser Enjoy the coast, while you cruise in this 3D racing game. Download.

Arcade Games

Pac Man Who can forget the little creature eating dots, while saving itself from predators. This game is still very popular and can be played on your Nokia Smartphone too. Download.

Super Mario Who can forget this hero trying to save his princess from evil, enjoy the same thrills and experience on your smartphone. Download | Download.

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart Miss playing the toy car game Revolt? CBNK brings the same experience to your smartphone, enjoy the game while you shoot out your opponents to make it to the finish. Download.

S-Tris – S-Tris 2 is based on the famous Tetris concept and is the follow-up of our popular S-Tris game. Download.

Contra Who can forget the popular nintendo game, that brought the action element into our kid gaming lives. Download.

Prince of Persia The most popular and cutest prince also has a version for the smartphone. Download.

Space Invaders – Accelerometer Invaders Game for N95. Download.

Pool Star Fancy yourself on the pool table, play a tournament or advance your career while betting off your skin. Download.

Derby 3D Fancy horse racing, try around being a jockey and running your horse to win the races. Download.

Rollercoaster Rush Drive your patrons to excitement and earn goodies on the way with this Rollercoaster ride. Download.

Mortal Kombat Who can forget this arcade game, one of the best action games in the arcade arena is now available on the phone. Download.

Same Color – Clear the board by selecting the largest groups of stones with the same color. Download.

Pinball A popular arcade game where you have to juggle the ball and save it from falling off, earning points while you hit objects. Download.

3D Superball – Guide the ball around challenging obstacles without falling off the edge of the paths. Download.

Super Bomberman A game based on the popular arcade game bomberman. Download.

Street Fighter Another popular arcade game from the Nintendo era. Download.

Snake II Gaming on mobiles was made popular with snakes, now enjoy the same game with a 3D experience. Download.

Air Hockey Simple multiplayer Air hockey game. Download.

Extreme Bowling Fancy getting a strike, try out your skills in this bowling game. Download.

Turbo Worm You are a worm and have to eat up all the food while tackling obstacles. Download.

Sports Games

Fifa Street 3 Show off your football skills in a innovative street football game, earn gold medals to unlock car parts to move to the next level of this fun game. Download.

Fifa 2007 The best soccer game you could have for your smartphone. Download.

Tiger Woods Golf Can you shoot under par or a eagle? Why not try a hole in one with this popular golf game. Download.

UEFA Champions League Showcase your soccer skills while trying to win the UEFA Champions League. Download.

NFL 2008 Play National Football League on your smartphone with this game. Download.

Wimbeldon Show off your tennis skills at the prestigious Wimbeldon tournament, great game play and graphics for a tennis game. Download.

World Soccer – Show your soccer skills, while competing against the best in the world. Download.

Beijing Olympics 2008 Beijing Olympics is over, but who can stop you from showing your skills in racing, swimming and more. Download.

Street Soccer World Tour Play street soccer across the world with this great football game. Download.

Ciclis 2 One of the best cycling games for your smartphone. Download.

Cricket World Championship A must have game for cricket lovers, has great graphics and sounds. Download.

Cricket 3D – A fantastic Cricket game with 3d graphics. Download.

Table Tennis Play the popular game and beat your opponents with a spin or smash. Download.

Strategy / Puzzle Games

Prison Break Based on the popular TV series, Prison Break tests your skills in getting your brother out of jail. Download.

Sims 2 Sims 2 Apartments Pets for your smartphone. Download.

Chess Do we need to say more about this, download the game and beat the computer while you can. Download.

Jewel Quest 3D Another popular and addictive 3D game. Download.

Sudoku Play the ever popular game on your smartphone, without the need for a paper and pen. Download | Download.

Rubiks Cube Remember the cube you tried to match colors on as a kid, this popular game is now available for your smartphone too. Download.

Card / Casino Games

Solitaire Play the most popular single player card game on your smartphone. Download.

Spider Solitaire A spin-off of the popular solitaire involving several decks of cards. Download.

BlackJack Play the popular casino game on your smartphone. Download.

Poker World Series Enjoy the popular card game Poker. Download.

Texas Hold’Em The popular Texas Hold’Em. Download.

Hope you have fun playing these games, do share your games with us and we will include it in the list.

Disclaimer: All of these games are freely available on the Internet on sites including Nokia Mosh, we are only providing a resource for users to find the games in one place.

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