10 Places To Find Free Fonts For Windows And Mac OSX

If you are designer you may frequently want to try and use different fonts in your designs, though there are 1000s of fonts available, not everyone of them are free. Though font usage and download is not just restricted to designers and many people use them in their day to day life too.


Here are some resources for you to find free fonts that you can use without having to pay any royalty for both Windows and Mac OSX. If you are not accustomed to installing fonts, we have a mini guide at the end of the post that will help you do it.

Fawnt – Fawnt is a font resource for designers, developers, and anyone that appreciates the web’s highest quality fonts. It currently has 9348 free fonts you can use and download for Windows and Max OSX.

Abstract Fonts Abstract Fonts has a listing of 11849 free fonts in their database. The site has a nice navigation and user experience with proper categorization of fonts.

Free Fonts Free fonts has over 12000 free fonts which you can download and use for Windows or Mac OSX. The site has a clean navigation making it easier to browse the fonts.

Dafont dafont is another nice site to find free fonts, they list over 10000 fonts, most of which are free to use for personal use on Windows and Mac OSX. Licensing terms are clearly marked above the download buttons.

Urban Fonts Another site which lists over 8000 free fonts. The fonts are segregated into different easy to find categories, and can also be alphabetically browsed.

Font Reactor Font Reactor lists freeware fonts in graffiti, gothic font, old English fonts etc. Most of the fonts are freeware, but there is no clear indication before downloading, so this adds to a bit of hassle.

Daily Free Font Daily Free Font is a site that has over 4500 freeware fonts listed in its directory. The licensing terms for font usage is clearly marked.

Font Freak Font Freak has a database of 5000 free fonts, they store a mix of both free and commercial fonts, so check the licensing before you download the fonts.

Simply The Best Fonts This site lists thousands of free fonts in well segregated categories, the licensing if clearly marked, telling you whether a font is free or not.

Free-Fonts This site is more like a search engine for fonts and lists over 55000 fonts in their database, the only problem with the site is that, there is no option to browse the fonts and you need to remember the names of the font to search for it.

How to Install Fonts?

Unzip the files you have downloaded, then follow the instruction for your OS:

Windows Vista : Right-click on the font files > "Install"
Windows XP: Put the font files into C:\Windows\Fonts
Mac OS X: Double-click the font file > "Install font" button

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