World’s First 180mm f/2.8 Macro Lens from Sigma Goes Missing at CES 2012

The CES 2012 exhibition held in Las Vegas from Tuesday, January 10 to Friday, January 13 saw some new and interesting announcements and releases. One such announcement made by Sigma, one of the major manufacturers of cameras, lenses, flashes and other photographic accessories, unveiled the world’s first 180mm f/2.8 macro lens that features a 1:1 magnification ratio. Apparently, out of the only two pre-production models, one of them has gone missing.

The Sigma APO Macro 180mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM is the world’s first 180mm macro lens that offers a magnification ratio of 1:1 and a large maximum aperture of F2.8. The lens is a successor to the older 180mm F3.5 EX DG macro. The new lens features Sigma’s proprietary Optical Stabilizer (OS) technology and the wide aperture features faster shutter speeds in low light and a narrow depth of field.

Sigma 180mm F/2.8 APO Macro EX DG OS HSM

The lens also has three “F” Low Dispersion (FLD) glass elements, which have an equivalent performance to a fluorite glass. These FLDs are included to provide correction for color aberrations and an inner focusing system minimizes aberrations that occur as shooting distances change.

At 1:1 magnification, this lens has a focusing distance of 18.5 inches, which is a greater working distance than shorter focal length macro lenses, making it advantageous when taking pictures of highly sensitive subjects like butterflies.

The lens is compatible to Sigma’s tele-converters, and the focal length can be extended to 252mm f/4.5 using the AF 1.4x EX converter (404mm equiv.). It can also be extended to 360mm f/7 via the AF 2x EX converter (576mm equiv.), however, in this case you’ll lose the AF though.

According to the president of Sigma Corporation of America, Mark Amir-Hamzeh –

“Our first 180mm macro was very popular with macro photographers and we’re certain that discerning photographers will be very impressed with its new technical and performance upgrades. The Optical Stabilizer technology and faster maximum aperture will make it even easier for users to capture the close-up, intricate details in the tiny world around them. We’ve released some really incredible products in the past year – there’s truly something in our lineup for every type and level of photographer.”

There are no further details available about the lost lens; however, it’s definitely worth hundreds of dollars. Sigma, however, has not revealed the pricing and availability of the lens yet.

Complete Specifications of Sigma APO Macro 180mm F2.8 EX DG OS HSM

Principal specifications

  • Lens Type: Prime lens
  • Max Format Size: 35mm FF
  • Focal length: 180 mm
  • Image stabilisation: Yes
  • Lens mount: Sigma SA


  • Maximum aperture: F2.8
  • Minimum aperture: F22.0
  • Aperture ring: No
  • Number of diaphragm blades: 9


  • Elements: 19
  • Groups:                14
  • Special elements / coatings: 3 FLD glass elements


  • Minimum focus: 0.47 m (18.50″)
  • Maximum magnification: 1x
  • Autofocus: Yes
  • Motor type: Ring-type ultrasonic
  • Full time manual: Yes
  • Focus method: Internal
  • Focus notes: Floating focus system
  • Distance scale: Yes
  • DoF scale: No


  • Diameter: 95 mm (3.74″)
  • Length: 204 mm (8.03″)
  • Sealing: No
  • Filter thread: 86 mm
  • Tripod collar: Yes
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