Canon Announces The EOS-1D C

Canon has just announced their latest cinematographer-centered camera, the EOS-1D C. The EOS-1D C looks the same as the standard EOS-1D X while adding a ton of spec upgrades which the professional videographer will love. The price is also “upgraded” to $15,000, which proves this camera isn’t for the amateur.

Canon EOS-1D C

The EOS-1D C offers 8-bit 4K (24 FPS) video recording with an 18-megapixel, full frame sensor. When recording 4K video, the 1D C only uses part of its high-end sensor which makes for a 1.33x focal length multiplication factor. However, this isn’t the case when recording 1080p (24-60 FPS) video as the camera utilizes its whole sensor and outputs the full 36mm sensor width. All of this footage is recorded on dual CompactFlash cards which you will need to purchase separately.

Canon also announced two new EF Cinema Zoom lenses which include the CN-E 15.2-47mm T2.8 L and the CN-E40-105mm T2.8 L. Both lenses are available in either EF and PL mounts to ensure maximum compatibility with Canon’s other Cinematography cameras. Keep in mind that the EOS-1D C is compatible with all Canon EF and EF Cinema lenses so you can continue to use your old lenses while attempting to raise more money for your short film.

Other notable features of the EOS-1D C include a built-in headphone jack for live audio monitoring, optional AC adapter kit and a Super 35 crop setting. This setting allows cinematographers to meet the industry standard in imaging format.

The Canon EOS-1D C will be available for purchase within the year. Since this camera is aimed at professionals, I doubt we will see this camera in stores.

[Source: Market Watch]

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