Zynga Acquires A Bit Lucky for $20 Million

Zynga has been an expert at growing its user base by acquiring smaller gaming studios and startups in the last couple of years. Just before its IPO, it acquired Draw Something, its biggest acquisition to date. While its stock price has crashed significantly in the last couple of months, it still has a significant amount of cash in its coffers.

Today, it acquired a California based game maker, A Bit Lucky Inc., for around $20 million. This is one of its relatively larger acquisitions. A Bit Lucky has been focused on mid-core games, which fall between Zynga’s casual games and hardcore online games. This acquisition adds additional genres to Zynga’s portfolio of games, and allows it to expand its online audience beyond just casual gamers.

Zynga currently has nearly 330 million monthly active users and 50 million daily active users. With acquisitions like these, it keeps adding talent to continue churning out new games, while also adding to its user base instantaneously.

Zynga’s stock price stands at around $3.10, giving it a market cap of around $2.4 billion. It has cash reserves of nearly $1.6 billion.

via Bloomberg

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