What’s New in WebKit2 | What Webkit2 Has to Offer to The Browser World

WebKit, the open-source engine behind browsers like Apple Safari and Google Chrome has recently announced that it will bring a new API layer to itself creating a WebKit2. This will let web content and the application to run in two different processes.

This model is already implementated in many browsers like Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Google Chrome has gained some great success in launching tabs as separate processes.

Though, the addition of the feature to the WebKit engine itself means, other browsers using this engine need not develop their own. This feature is exactly what Mozilla has been working on for a while now. Chrome already has this and calls it the Sandbox. This change will make it much easier and faster for Safari to implement this feature and get even in the race.

The name WebKit2 has been chosen because it is the next version but it does not feature any major changes apart from this.

As soon as the change arrives, browsers based on WebKit will directly see this. This includes the iPhone OS browser, the Google Android and the Symbian s60 browser. This will make them much more stable on mobile devices.

WebKit2 will release a C API to make use of this new implementation model. This will facilitate development of browsers using this new feature.

(Via: WebKit-Dev)

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