Capture Screenshots from Google Chrome With WebPage Screenshot Extension

While browsing the web, sometimes you would like to capture a screenshot from the browser itself. If you love using Google Chrome and want to capture a screenshot without using any other utility, Webpage Screenshot extension will be useful.

This extension provides three preset options – capture the visible region, capture entire page and capture after resizing the browser window. After installing the extension, you will see an icon placed just to the right of the address bar as shown below:


You have the following three options to take the screenshot from Google Chrome:

Capture screenshot of the whole page: Click the “All page screenshot” button and the extension captures the full screenshot and opens the image in a new tab.


From the new tab, you can select to zoom into the image and save it in PNG format.


Resize the image before the capture: This feature lets you first resize the browser tab and then capture the screenshot. To do that, select the desired width and height of the image that you want from the drop down menu.


Capture screenshot of only visible region of a page: This feature is unique and I haven’t seen the same in other browser extensions or Firefox add-ons. You can click the “Visible screenshot” button to capture only the portion of the webpage which is visible in the screen. So if you want to capture an area which lies in the bottom of the page, scroll down and hit the”Visible region” button. (also read: Aviary Google Chrome extension for capturing screenshots)

Techie Buzz Verdict

The extension is good since it comes with preset options but you cannot select a region using your mouse and capture an area. This is the most desirable feature required in a screenshot application, which is missing.

Techie Buzz rating: 3.5/5 (average).

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