Web Open Font Format in Mozilla Firefox 3.6

Firefox 3.6 beta 1 was reviewed by Kaushik a few days back. You can see this post for a list of new features.


Firefox 3.6 has brought new features to the web browser. Firefox 3.6 will have support for full screen videos, improved JavaScript rendering and support for restart-less extension installation.

Another important and unique feature that has been added is support for WOFF or the Web Open Font Format.

WOFF has its own advantages over TrueType or OpenType fonts:

  • WOFF font format is compressed. This reduces the size of pages to a huge extent.
  • The compression is lossless so there are absolutely no changes in the way fonts will rendered at both ends, before compression and after decompressing.
  • The compression can be achieved with general HTTP compression and no server specific scripts are required.
  • Font vendors can tag their fonts making it easy to track usage.
  • Font tags can also be helpful to web-developers to a huge extent.
  • Smaller page size makes pages load faster.
  • Network bandwidth is saved both for the client and the server ends.
  • WOFF is supported by a large number of font creators and foundries like Adobe, Fontsmith, Monotype and many more.

Currently, Firefox 3.6 will be the first browser to support Web Open Font Family. For more information on the Web Open Font Format, see this post by John Daggett at the Mozilla Blog.

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