Watch Videos and Do Your Work With A Transparent Web Browser

There are several times when you may want to browse a particular webpage and perform the steps listed in it, or watch a tutorial video and simultaneously perform the actions listed in it, however it becomes pretty hard to do both of the things together when you are on a single monitor setup.

Double Vision is a innovative browser that aims to address this problem, by providing users with a transparent browser that will allow users to view videos and browse the web in a transparent browse whilst continuing to do their work in other applications.

double_vision_browser double_vision_transparent_browser

Double Vision allows you to watch and perform tutorials simultaneously, be stealth at work in Double Vision mode, increases productivity as you can make use of the full screen real-estate and also improves your ability to multi-task.

The transparency of the browser can easily be controlled via the browser settings.

Double Vision Features

  • Web video viewer!
  • Click through video!
  • Transparent web!
  • Quick Hide!
  • Auto Mute on Quick Hide!
  • Double Vision Mode!
  • Custom transparency levels!

Download Double Vision

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