Twitter Reactions: See Twitter Reactions of a Webpage From Google Chrome

You may know about web services that lets you see who favorited your tweets. But what about reading all the tweets, RT’s about a particular page from Google Chrome? What if you could see who first retweeted a page? Twitter Reactions, an extension for Google Chrome let’s you achieve the same with almost zero effort.

Install Twitter Reactions extension for Google Chrome

Once the extension is installed, click the small Twitter button placed at the right of the Chrome address bar. You will see a vertical grid consisting of all the Twitter juice about the current page.


The tweets are arranged in ascending order, which means the recent tweets are thrown at the top. Apart from reading the tweet, you can click through the links in the Twitter reaction grid to open the profile of the person who twitted that link.

But how many tweets? Well, I tried the extension on this page and found more than 20 tweets stacked in the order they were tweeted. Twitter reactions is a great way to see the archive of tweets that have gathered over time on any given web page. If you have a blog and want to know which of the pages in your site gets Twitter attention, this tool is a must use.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The extension solves the problem of manual checking, but a little more creativity would have been perfect. I would love to see a counter showing the number of tweets so that I do not have to reload the grid and count the retweets on my own.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (Excellent).

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