TwentyTen for Firefox – Stunning Office 2010 Inspired Firefox Theme

Microsoft Office 2010 looks quite cool and thanks to a new extension you can easily get the same look in Firefox. TwentyTen is a new theme for Firefox which includes Office 2010 inspired graphics and color styles.

TwentyTen for Firefox with Microsoft Word Color Style

The theme also features a companion extension called TwentyTenBuddy which allows you to tweak various aspects of the theme and change color styles. The best thing is that, any changes you make are applied instantaneously.

TwentyTen for Firefox – Theme Options

Although the theme supports Aero Glass effects, it is completely optional. The theme looks good even on systems without Aero. I personally prefer to use the theme with the menu bar hidden. If you feel that you can’t do without the menu bar, you can use the Hide Menubar extension for Firefox to temporarily hide the menu bar.

TwentyTen for Firefox – File Menu

TwentyTen is one of the best Firefox themes we have come across. Its biggest strength is its minimalism. Give it a try and let us know if you loved it as much as we did.

[ Download TwentyTen for Firefox ]

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  • Don't forget the VIAs! Where do u found it? ;)

    • I suppose you meant linking to your blog, since it seems to have a post on this theme (not sure, since your blog isn't in English). I apologise, if I am misinterpreting your comment.

      Anyway, we do believe in crediting other blogs, where ever applicable. In this case there is no via information since the source of information wasn't another blog.

  • The minimal themes are great. Be it websites or firefox

  • 4walls

    I can't seem to get the File Menu toolbar to go away. I unchecked the Menu Bar from the FILE|BARS and it still shows up.

  • Nice theme

  • Wow, so great! Really a stunning firefox theme.

  • Josh

    It's a nice theme, but I'm finding it impossible to switch off of. I just reinstalled Firefox completely just to be rid of the thing.

    • As I mentioned, this theme also installs a helper extension. You need to disable that extension (along with the theme) while changing themes.