Tweaking the most of your Firefox 3.6 Beta – Tabs

We all know that Firefox 3.6 Beta supports Aero integration and that it looks and feels great. However, for those who do not want this feature, there is a way to turn it off. However, there are a couple of other tweaks you might not know about!

Tweak #1: Enhanced Ctrl-Tab


With this option, instead of cycling through tabs, Firefox will cycle through small previews of the tabs when Ctrl-Tab is used.


Selecting Show all n’ tabswill take you to this search menu. Handy when you have a LOT of tabs open!

If, however, you wish to have this at the click of your mouse instead of messing with Ctrl-Tab, you can enable another option and have Tweak #2: AllTabs Previews


This will make a small button appear on the tab-bar, clicking which will let you search through tabs and cycle through them at will. Neat right?

So, how do you make these options appear? Simple, really in Firefox’s address bar, type about:configwithout the quotes. Promise that you will be careful, and then in the list of options, filter tab.


Enable browser.ctrlTab.previewsfor the first tweak and browser.allTabs.previewsfor the second tweak. That’s that!

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