TV-Fox – Watch TV on your Browser, its Easy and Free

TV-Fox Icon TV-Fox is a Mozilla plugin that lets you watch TV on Mozilla Firefox. This offers a wide variety of channels which enlists a handsome total of 2780 channels. All the channels are sorted according to category. This app installs a simple toolbar that enables you to search & select TV Channels of your choice.

There are some requirements that needs to be there for using these tool.

  1. Mozilla Firefox Browser Get it here
  2. Windows Media Player Firefox Plug-in – Get it here

Follow the steps to use it

  1. Install the toolbar here. Follow the necessary steps & restart the browser after the toolbar is installed.
  2. Now that it is installed, you will see a toolbar at the top of your browser window looking somewhat like the screenshot below.
    TV-Fox Toolbar
  3. Now as you can see there are two TV icons to the right of the search box. The blue icon lets you search TV channels categorized as per country & the green icon lets you search TV channels categorized as per types(news, music, business etc).
    TV-Fox Channel and Country based Categorization
  4. That’s it Now select your favorite channel & enjoy watching it.

Fixing Bugs : Developer Notes

1. For Mozilla users : There is a bug with the Windows Media plugin and Mozilla. The patch to fix this is available at –

2. NoScript extension conflict : If you are getting this error try adding to the white list of NoScript.

3. For MAC OS Users 10.3.9 or higher : In this case you’ll need the Flip4Mac Windows Media plugin which is available at –

NOTE : When connecting Flip4Mac may try to download the requested media instead of streaming it. This can cause the stream to stutter or loop back after a few minutes of play. To correct this:

  • Open the System Preferences utility.
  • Click Flip4Mac WMV to open the Flip4Mac preferences pane.
  • Open the Movie tab.
  • Select “Create streaming movies“.
  • Close System Preferences and restart any open browsers.
    The next time you access a WMA or WMV stream, the plugin will display the streaming progress bar instead of the download bar, and the stream should play correctly.

4. For OS X 10.3.8 or lower : you will need to download a codec from the link below
After downloading the correct codec or Media Player you will need to re-start/re-open your browser for the player to work correctly.

5. For Unix users : TV-FOX streams are compatible with Unix using the Mplayer plugin on:
– Gentoo Linux 1.5.1
– FreeBSD 5.x
Download the plugin at –
Mplayer tends to take longer to connect and buffer the stream than Windows Media player, so please be patient. To reduce the buffering time in Mplayer, update /etc/mplayerplug-in.conf by un-commenting the following line:

SUPPORT : Contact the developer at or send an e-mail to [email protected].

This browser plugin is a bit heavy because it has a longer stream to catch. Sometimes it may cause in browser crash too( as reported by some users). But that is only a glitch which can be ignored keeping in mind about the versatility that this plugin offer. I hope that you will enjoy.

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