Quickly Enable Or Disable Plugins In Firefox

in itself will not run content that require additional plugins, for example for running flash content, Firefox requires to run the Shockwave Flash plugin, for playing Windows Media files, it requires the Windows Media Player plugin and so on.

However there is no easy way in Firefox to quickly enable or disable installed plugins, that was till the Plugins Toggler   was created.

The Plugins Toggler add-on lets you quickly enable or disable any installed plugin, by providing users with a drop down list.


Clicking on the plugins toggler icon will display a list of all the installed plugins, and quickly allow you to disable or enable them by clicking on the plugin name.

This will allow you to fasten up Firefox when one of the plugins is misbehaving, for example you can disable the Flash plugin when browsing a flash site, that is causing Firefox to slow down.

The plugin does not work out of the box, you will need to customize your toolbar to add the plugins toggler icon to it. Don’t know how to customize Firefox toolbars? Read our tutorial: How To Create A Customized Toolbar for Firefox.

Plugins Toggler is a experimental add-on, you will have to sign-in to Mozilla, before you can download and use this plugin.

Download Plugins Toggler

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