DYK Thursday: The Book of Mozilla

If you are a regular reader of Techie Buzz, you must have already seen posts like Twitter Tuesdays and Webby Wednesdays. In the same way, DYK Thursdays are themed posts that concentrate on bringing out amazing facts in the world to our readers, from various fields of technology. Every week, I will be gathering some of the most amazing facts in this section. Wishing myself best of luck!

P.S. DYK = Did You Know?

The Book Of Mozilla

Did you know that there is a book written by the world famous Mozilla group? Yes, this is true! Mozilla has created an easter egg for its users called “The Book Of Mozilla”. This book is a compilation of prophecies that refers to Mozilla. A new prophecy is added every time a new version of Mozilla is released.

At present, there are about 5 prophecies written about the Mozilla Browser – the first prophecy starting from the release of Netscape Navigator 1.0 (10th December 1994).

Apart from the official prophecy, there are some unofficial ones as well. These were associated with Flock browser.

These prophecies are written in apocalyptic literature as in Bible. If you want to see the present prophecy of this book from your Mozilla Firefox, direct your mouse pointer to the address bar and type in, “about:mozilla”. It would direct you to a page (maroon color) containing the prophecy associated with the latest release. You can even see all the prophecies written till date, through this page created by Mozilla or even the Wikipedia article here. The wikipedia article even has a screenshot of the unofficial Flock browser prophecy.

Every prophecy has a meaning hidden in it about the Mozilla. It can be understood if you have  good knowledge about the Mozilla history. Nevertheless, if you can’t crack the meaning hidden in those prophecies,  you can view the source code of this Mozilla page. (Click on the image to view it larger.)

The source code shows the details of every verse

A Wikipedia note on the prophecies,

The five verses all refer to the activities of a fearsome-sounding “beast”. In its early days,  Netscape Communications Corporationhad a green fire-breathing  dragon-like  lizard  mascot, known as  Mozilla (after the  code name for  Netscape Navigator 1.0). From this, it can be conjectured that the “beast” referred to in  The Book of Mozilla is a type of fire-breathing lizard, which can be viewed as a  metaphor  for, or  personification  of Netscape.

These prophecies were written by  Valerio Capello in May 2004 and were added to the  Mozilla Foundation site by  Nicholas Bebout in October that year.

So, this was today’s fact!

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