Smarter Wikipedia Adds Related Articles To Wikipedia

Related article usually helps a user read about similar content or content that matches their interests, however Wikipedia does not have a option to show you related articles while you are browsing around.


Smarter Wikipedia is a Firefox add-on that will add a tab displaying related articles relevant to the current content you are browsing. Pretty useful for discovering content without having to break your head searching for it.

In addition to that, the Smarter Wikipedia add-on also adds a context menu, allowing you to directly search Wikipedia for the text you have selected currently.

Download Smarter Wikipedia

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  • I can see where this would be helpful to frequent Wikipedia users. However, it might be unnecessary for most people. Also, I try to limit the number of FireFox plugins I use to prevent FireFox from getting bloated and slowing system performance.

  • Hi, I am the author of the add-on. The url in your blog post is no longer correct: it longer leads to the add-on. The new location on Mozilla is
    However since it takes a while for Mozilla editors to review a add-on, I have created a download page where users don’t have to log in:
    Nice blog, by the way. Very interesting. It’s strange I haven’t heard of you before!