Removed Unwanted Browser Toolbars

There are many chances, that while installing free software, you might have also installed some associating toolbars unknowingly. Considering the amount of software that bundle these toolbars you might end up, having a browser full of toolbars.

Removing each of these toolbars individually can be quite a pain, this is where a called Smart Toolbar Remover, can come in handy.


Smart Toolbar Remover will detect all the installed toolbars and allow you to uninstall it from your PC with one click.

Techie Buzz Verdict

Smart Toolbar can come in pretty handy, if you usually install lots of softwares and using the standard installation instead of custom one’s, where you can approve each installation. These types of installation are where most of the toolbars get past your eye.

It can also come in pretty handy to perform maintenance on your browser and uninstall unwanted toolbars from your PC from a single location.

Techie Buzz Rating: 2.5/5 (Good)

Download Smart Toolbar Remover

Link disabled due to bad website reports from My Web of Trust. Thanks to a vigilant Techie Buzz reader Keith Petersen for pointing this out in this tweet. We will ensure to run more tests in future, and not promote software which has been flagged by users.

3 thoughts on “Removed Unwanted Browser Toolbars”

    1. @Keith Thanks for the update on this, we have disabled the link to download the software and will take extreme caution while recommending future software to our users.

      We really appreciate your feedback on this and will ensure to not make such mistakes in the future.

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