Remove Dead Links from Your Browser Bookmarks

I have been using the same set of bookmarks for the last 6-7 years by regularly backing up bookmarks and synchronizing them across computers and browsers. Considering that it has been so long, I am pretty sure that there are several bookmarks which are actually dead links, maybe because the website shut down or maybe because the website was shifted to a new location.


Sifting through the bookmarks to find dead links after all these years is pretty cumbersome if not impossible. In comes AM-DeadLink a excellent   which will scan your bookmarks and allow you to delete dead bookmarks from , , and Internet Explorer.

You can install the software on your PC, or choose to install it as a . Once installation is complete, launch the software and choose the browser you want to scan the bookmarks for and click on the Scan button.

The scanning process may take a few minutes depending on the number of bookmarks you have, in my case it took a little over 10 minutes. Once the scan is complete you will see the error and status for the bookmark URL. If you see errors in the bookmark, you can easily delete it using AM-DeadLink.

Please note that Google Chrome support is only available in AM-DeadLink 4.0 Beta 1. Download links are below.

Techie Buzz Verdict

techie-buzz-recommended-software[1] AM-DeadLink is an excellent software which will help you organize your bookmarks and get rid of the unwanted ones. The fact that it allows you to manage bookmarks for multiple browsers makes it more useful.

Though AM-DeadLink is not for everyday use, you can always use it whenever you perform your computer maintenance to cleanup your dead bookmarks. Am-DeadLink is compatible with .

Rating: 4.5/5 (Excellent)

Download AM-DeadLink | Download AM-DeadLink Beta [via GHacks]

2 thoughts on “Remove Dead Links from Your Browser Bookmarks”

  1. The beta version hasn't made the changes needed to make it really compatible with Firefox.

    AMDlink hasn't really handled Firefox since the first day Mozilla changed it's bookmarking process.

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