Remove Colors and Backgrounds From Webpages With NoColor Firefox Add-on

Quite often, you may find some blogs with horrible designs and backgrounds. The content is good and you want to read the page but the colors used in the site’s layout make it impossible to read. If you want to get rid of all the colors from a webpage, the Nocolor Firefox add-on will come in handy. The add-on removes all the background images and colors, thus offering a clean reading environment.

Download the No Color Firefox add-on. Internet explorer users can try IESurfGear instead.

Once the add-on is installed, restart Firefox and go to Tools > add-ons > Nocolor > Options. Choose the text and background color which you want to see once you use the extension.


The add-on adds a small button in the status bar and a link in the “View” menu so that you can quickly remove all the background garbage from cluttered webpages and read the content at ease.

I tried the add-on on Techie Buzz and here are the results:





Note that the add-on is not an ad blocker and neither it removes the borders. It will remove the background colors and replace the text color with your chosen color from the add-on options.

How this add-on can be used as a Design tool

If you love designing websites and themes, often you would search the web for design inspiration. Whenever I am designing something and want to create a CSS structure for a theme or layout, I will head over to a popular blog or website and see how the designer has implemented the CSS. I would turn on Firebug and then see the different Div tags one by one and learn to code myself.

But most of the themes contain colors, images and other graphics which is of course a barrier when you are learning to code. The Nocolor add-on, paired with Firebug helps to copy the CSS structure with all colors disabled.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The add-on removes the colors but should have more options to choose from. I would love to see more features included in the future versions – remove the borders, block the ads etc.

Techie Buzz rating: 3/5 (average).

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