Relive Netscape Navigator

Today we have many good browsers, but just remember old days when we had only few options and Netscape Navigator was the hottest one. Netscape Navigator was the first successful alternative to Internet Explorer, and had set many standards. Unfortunately, the Navigator had to die and thus a leading browser ended.

If you love Netscape Navigator and want to relive it, you have a chance now. Before proceeding, let me introduce you a very innovative add-on for Firefox: Rebrand. As the name suggests, Rebrand rebrands Firefox. You can change the brand name of Mozilla Firefox just by following a simple wizard and create a browser with a name (and logo) of your own choice.

How To Use The Rebrand Add-on For Firefox?

Install the add-on, restart the browser and launch Rebrand wizard from Tools menu. Now, provide details like the new name, logos etc and it will create a xpi file which can be installed as regular Firefox add-ons to rebrand Firefox. You can distribute this rebrand package with your friends too. Though, this add-on is only for fun purposes as actual rebranding and public distribution violates Mozilla’s trademark policies.

Relive Navigator

Customize Firefox - Relive Netscape Navigator

Developer Michael Kaply has created a rebrand package for Netscape Navigator. To try this, install this add-on for Firefox and it will rebrand Firefox to Navigator. Awesome!

You won’t miss any setting or add-on after installing it, as it changes only display name and logos. To revert back just uninstall the add-on.

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