Quickly Take Notes in Google Chrome with the ChromePad Extension

Note taking is a good practice, because you can reference the notes and remember the things that needs to be done at a later time. If you work in front of computer for long hours, it’s recommended to use a note taking application such as Evernote.

But managing a separate program just for the sake of taking notes, might be too geeky. Why not use your browser? Why not use Google Chrome to pen down notes while you surf the web or check email?

Enter Chromepad – a Google Chrome extension which lets you store pieces of text within the browser. The notes are kept safe as long as the browser works and it’s very easy to setup and use. After the extension is installed, you will see a small notebook icon placed at the right of the Google Chrome address bar.


Click the icon and you can type or paste text items and links. Apart from clearing the text from the “Menu” link, there are no options to configure and nothing which you can tweak. (also read: Best Google Chrome extensions)


Techie Buzz Verdict

I love using this extension because it’s simple, less distracting and hassle free. A couple of more options like adding rich text, clickable links and numbered items would be even more useful. Not as versatile as the Sticky notes extension, but sometimes you need things that are straight forward.

Techie Buzz rating: 3/5 (Good).

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Amit Banerjee

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