Quickly Reopen Closed Tabs in Google Chrome with TrashCan

We have earlier seen some nice tricks to reopen accidentally closed tabs in Firefox and Opera. This time it’s Google Chrome but the extension which I am going to discuss here adds much more flexibility and choice to the accidentally closed tabs.

It’s called Trashcan and the way it works is simply superb. After installing the extension, you will notice a trash icon just next to the Google Chrome address bar:

Now keep browsing as you normally do and don’t worry when you accidentally close a tab and want to reopen it. Just hit the trash icon and the extension will show you a list of the recently closed tabs, as shown below:

Clicking an entry from the list opens the URL in a new browser tab. I Agree that Google Chrome has an in built feature to open the recently closed tabs from the new tab page. But the new tab page shows you a maximum of 5 suggestions and you have to open the browsing history (Control + H) to find the complete list of closed tabs.

The Trashcan extension is much better – you get choice as well as one click access to the recently closed tabs (much like opera).

The extension is in it’s early stages of development and the developer claims to add more enhancements in the near future. This could mean saving tabs between sessions, support for multiple windows and saving closed tabs in the incognito mode as well. Thanks to DownloadSquad for the tip.

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Techie Buzz Verdict

The Trashcan extension is a must if you have the habit of opening a large number of tabs. If you forget to bookmark the URL or to copy the link of a webpage, you can quickly reopen the particular tab from the Trash list.

Techie Buzz rating: 4/5 (Excellent).


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