Print What You Like In Firefox [Featured Extension]

PrintWhatYouLike is a useful service that will allow you to trim down any webpage to print only the relevant content required by you. More accurately PrintWhatYouLike is a free web page editor that gives you control of how web pages look when printed.


However to make use of the service provided, you need to visit the website and enter the URL of the page you want to edit before printing, if you are user, you can make use of a handy extension that will add a button to your toolbar

PrintWhatYouLike Features

  • Format any web page for printing in seconds – no more pasting into Word.
  • Save money and the environment by reducing your paper and ink usage.
  • Make printed web pages more readable by removing ads, widgets and other distractions.
  • Fix broken pages that don’t print correctly.

Once you have installed the add-on, customize your toolbar and drag and drop the PrintWhatYouLike button to it. Don’t know how to customize a Firefox toolbar? Read our detailed tutorial to find out, how you can easily customize your Firefox toolbars. Once you have added the button, simply click on it to launch the PrintWhatYouLike website.

PrintWhatYouLike Button is a experimental add-on, so you will have to sign up with the Mozilla site before you can use it.

Download PrintWhatYouLike Firefox Extension

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