Perform Inline Google Searches in Chrome’s Address bar with Inline Google Extension

Google Chrome is probably the only browser which supports searching from the address bar by default. It works simple – you specify a default search engine in the browser settings and type the keywords or phrase in the address bar. The search results show up in a new browser tab which is useful, because you don’t have to open the home page of your favorite search engine again and again.

But if you have the habit of working with multiple tabs,   this feature can get a bit tiring. Whenever you search, the results are shown in a new tab and you have to close or navigate away from the page you were reading.

This is where Inline Google comes in. It’s a nifty little chrome extension which adds pop up functionality for performed searches. The search results are shown in separate pop up windows and you can see the results without leaving the current page you are reading.

To use the extension, hit the “G” icon placed just right of the chrome address bar. This will open a pop up window where you can type your search query:

Hit the “Search” button and the results will be shown in the same window as shown below:

Clicking a search result opens the page in a new browser tab. Currently the extension supports searching web, images, videos and news results.

Techie Buzz Verdict

The Inline Google extension is very simple to use but there aren’t any options which you can tweak. I would want some options being included – loading the search results in the same frame or may be opening the clicked link in the same tab.

Techie Buzz rating: 3.5 (very good).

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