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IE7 Browsing Mode In IE8

There are several tools that allow you to run IE8 and IE7 simultaneously to develop and test for both the versions of the browser, however with the introduction of developer tools for IE8, developers can now test their work in both the browsers from within IE8 itself.

To run a webpage in IE7 mode in IE8, open Tools > Developer Tools or use the F12 key to launch developer tools for a open tab.

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IE8 Includes Developer Tools

We are definitely beginning to like IE8 a lot more than we expected and are discovering newer and newer features in it, as a reader we want you to brace up today for a lot of IE8 related posts, we thoroughly apologize if this irks you, but we would definitely want everyone to know about why they should be using IE8 if ever, and these posts will help you make a decision.


Coming back to the post, IE8 includes a add-in called Developer Tools, which will allow you to analyze websites much more better than any other earlier versions of the browser.

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Download Internet Explorer 8 Today

Techcrunch reports that Internet Explorer 8, the latest web browser from Microsoft, other than their not-so-secret secure browser project Gazelle, will be available for download later today.


Microsoft terms IE8 as one of the fastest browsers on the market today, with features like Web Slices, Instant Search and Accelerators.

We will be doing a full review of the browser once we get our hands on it, in the meantime go ahead and download the browser.

Download Internet Explorer 8

Firefox 3.5 Includes Web IRC Client

Firefox 3.5 the new release tag for the latest build, will include a IRC client called Mibbit, this will help you to connect to a desired server using a web interface when you click on a irc:// or ircs:// link on a page.


However, this behavior is not the default one and you will have to select it from the Applications page in the Options dialog for opening the clicked URL.

You can download the latest development version of Firefox 3.5 beta 3 from the Firefox beta page.


Most Useful Bookmarklets

Bookmarklets add additional function to your browser without the need to install additional add-ons and softwares. Bookmarklets are also cross-compatible, which means that they will work on different browsers, without the need to change any settings.

For example does not support add-ons yet, but you can add additional functionality to the browser using some useful chrome bookmarklets.

Using bookmarklets over add-ons definitely have their own advantages, and Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration lists out reasons on why you should use bookmarklets over regular add-ons.

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Google Chrome Gets Full Screen Mode, Duplicate Tabs Trick

has turned out from being a newbie browser, to a pretty widely used one these days, and the developers have been releasing updates to the browser, making Chrome more and more better day by day.

In the latest feature released to the Developer Channel of Google Chrome, they have released the option for full-screen browsing.

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iPhone Clone Web Browser For Windows – iPhone Drift

Browsers are a ton a penny, however there are few browsers which have made the cut, and few which are just unique by themselves. We just came across a unique piece of work called iPhone Drift, which is actually a web browser for Windows based PC.


The browser looks just like a iPhone and also lets you browser web pages and show them how they will look on a real iPhone. This is unlike the mobile web browser simulation we had told you earlier.

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Option To Restart Firefox

Firefox allows users to restart the browser only when a new or Firefox theme has been installed, however there are several times when the browser performs slow and you may want to restart Firefox rather than having to close and start it again.


A add-on called Restart Firefox adds a option to restart the browser through a menu item. Once you install the add-on, you can restart the browser by visiting the File menu and clicking on the Restart Firefox item.

Definitely useful if you frequently close and start Firefox. The add-on is experimental, so you will need to login to Mozilla add-ons before you can install it in Firefox.

Download Restart Firefox

Watch Videos and Do Your Work With A Transparent Web Browser

There are several times when you may want to browse a particular webpage and perform the steps listed in it, or watch a tutorial video and simultaneously perform the actions listed in it, however it becomes pretty hard to do both of the things together when you are on a single monitor setup.

Double Vision is a innovative browser that aims to address this problem, by providing users with a transparent browser that will allow users to view videos and browse the web in a transparent browse whilst continuing to do their work in other applications.

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Convert Firefox Into A Music Hub

is pretty extensible and there are several we have told you about in the past, if you have followed our earlier posts, we have also told you how you can convert Firefox into a social networking hub and the most productive add-ons for Firefox.


Is Firefox good enough for music lovers? Yes, there are several add-ons that will help you convert Firefox into a pretty good music hub. Which add-ons are useful for music lovers? Here is another great list for Firefox and music lovers, that will help you convert Firefox into a music hub.

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Toggle Private Browsing In Firefox 3.1

3.1 is definitely one of the fastest versions made by Mozilla, in addition to that it has several new features including the addition of private pornmode browsing where users can browse websites without saving the history and files to the cache.

By default the private mode browsing can be enabled from Tools > Private browsing, however there is a extension that will help you toggle between private browsing modes in Firefox with a single click.

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Print What You Like In Firefox [Featured Extension]

PrintWhatYouLike is a useful service that will allow you to trim down any webpage to print only the relevant content required by you. More accurately PrintWhatYouLike is a free web page editor that gives you control of how web pages look when printed.


However to make use of the service provided, you need to visit the website and enter the URL of the page you want to edit before printing, if you are user, you can make use of a handy extension that will add a button to your toolbar

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