Incredible Startpage : Spice Google Chrome Start Page

Incredible StartPage extension for Google Chrome adds a three column view to the browser new tab page. Download and install the extension to spice up the boring start page in the browser.


Features :

1. Theme Color : The theme color can be selected from a list of 5 previously defined colors. You can also define gradients by providing custom color hex codes.

2. Bookmarks Background : The bookmarks are shown with a picture background in the right most column. The pictures are brought into using Flickr API. You can also ch0ose to display two color gradients thereby selecting the color hex codes (in the theme options). The folders in the bookmarks bar are not shown here.

3. Closed Tabs : The default Chrome feature to show the recently closed tabs are also there. You can see the recently closed tabs in the left most column.

4. Detailed Bookmarks : The contents of the bookmarks bar are shown in the middle column. The folders though not included in the rightmost column are shown here.

The extension can be installed from here.

Techie Buzz Verdict :

The extension adds a nice feel to the Chrome new tab page but it lacks the ability to pin any specific web page to the page. Chrome has this sticky tab feature by default which really helps to save frequently visited web pages as shortcuts without any need to bookmark them.

Techie – Buzz Rating : 3.5 / 5 (Very Good)

Google Chrome For Mac and Linux Graduates Out of Beta

has been a really wonderful fresh air of breath in the web browsers domain, and Windows users have been able to enjoy the stable version of Chrome for quite sometime now. However, Mac and Linux users have have had to do with Dev and Beta versions of the browser.

However, starting today, Mac and Linux users will be able to download and use a stable version of Google Chrome to Mac.

Chrome for Mac Stable

The stable version of Chrome for Mac was announced at the official Google Mac blog with more details on the Google blog. The newer version of Chrome is faster than the beta versions and come with several goodies included. There has been over 213% and 305% improvement in the JavaScript performance based on the V* and SunSpider benchmarks respectively.

Beta users of Google Chrome for Mac and Linux will be automatically upgraded to the stable version. You can also download the new stable version of Chrome by visiting

Bollywood And Hollywood Personas For Firefox Browser

Sometime back, we had written a post on Bollywood Themes for Google Chrome browser. In this post, I have listed some nice Bollywood and Hollywood Firefox personas. Go ahead and try them out!

[For newbies: Personas for Firefox is a feature in the browser  Mozilla Firefox that allows a user to select simple-to-use themes, known as “Personas,” more easily than normal themes.]


Here is a list of a few bollywood personas which you can use on your browser.

  1. Amrita Rao Persona for Firefox.
  2. Main Hoon Na
  3. Sharukh Khan Persona
  4. Desi Chick Persona
  5. Sharukh Khan and Kajol Pair
  6. Aishwarya Rai Persona
  7. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna
  8. Kurbaan
  9. Kareena Kapoor in Kurbaan
  10. 3 Idiots 1
  11. 3 Idiots 2
  12. 3 Idiots 3
  13. Teen Patti

Here is a list of a few Hollywood themes for your Firefox browser.

  1. Twilight Saga Eclipse
  2. Twilight Forest
  3. Twilight Nomads
  4. Twilight Bella Swan
  5. Twilight Eclipse 2010
  6. Edward Cullen
  7. Old Hollywood
  8. Megan fox Theme
  9. Robert Pattinson
  10. Avatar Neytiri
  11. Avatar Jake and Neytiri
  12. Batman Black

These were some of the themes I found attractive and appealing. There are still a lot of them. You can go ahead and choose anyone you want here.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on these themes through your comments.

Download Google Chrome 6 Dev Channel Release

Google-Chrome-6 Google Chrome 6 is here. The latest dev channel build sports the version number 6.0.401.1. The new release does not, however, include any major new features.

Unlike other browsers, Chrome’s version number is not determined by the presence or absence of new features. In fact, 6.0.401.1 is just a regular bug fix update to the previous dev channel release, Google Chrome 5.0.396.0.
Google’s unusual numbering scheme has allowed Chrome to gallop ahead of Firefox, at least when it comes to version numbers.

The summarized changelog is given below.

  • All
    Don’t prepend scheme on copying an incomplete hostname. (Issue 43585)
  • Windows
    Much better display/eliding of RTL and mixed-direction strings in the omnibox dropdown. (Issue 41716)
  • Linux
    Make sure scheme is prepended to addresses that are cut (as opposed to copied) from the omnibox. (Issue 43569)
    Fixed rendering of monospaced fonts on Linux (Issue 43252)

Known issues include some form fields not submitting the form on hitting enter. You can find more information about this release here.

Microsoft Launches Campaign to Increase Internet Explorer 8 Adaption – Likens IE6 to Spoiled Milk

Even Microsoft is getting fed up with Internet Explorer 6’s stickiness. The browser, which has long overstayed its welcome, still commands around 10% (source) of the browser market share.


Microsoft Australia has launched a new campaign that likens Internet Explorer 6 to nine year old milk. In an attempt to convince reluctant users to make the switch, Microsoft harps on Internet Explorer 8’s enhanced security features.

With the latest stateoftheart security features, Internet Explorer 8 is designed to cope with today’s modern cyber crime. In fact, research studies prove it.

In a study by NSS Labs, Internet Explorer 8 caught socially engineered malware 85% of the time compared to Firefox 3’s 29%, Safari 4’s 29% and Chrome’s 17%1.

Of course, the NSS Labs Research quoted by Microsoft is most likely crap, since they are better known for clever manipulation than research. Nevertheless, Internet Explorer 8 is unarguably a much better option than Internet Explorer 6, which appears pre-historic when compared with modern day browsers.

What to Expect From Firefox 4

Mike Beltzner, Mozilla’s Director of Firefox has recently made an announcement outlining a vision for Firefox 4 in a recent blog post.


This can as well be called an early product plan and he introduces it with the lines,

Today, I presented an early product plan for Firefox 4 to the Mozilla community (live, over the web!) to share our vision for the next version of Firefox, and what projects are underway to realize it. Then I invited everyone to get involved by joining our engineering or product development efforts.

The primary goal of Firefox 4 development will be according to Mike, making Firefox “super-duper fast”. Other features which they are aiming at are enabling new open web standards and allowing more user control over the browser and their browsing.

To better understand this, you can see the slide presentation Mike has prepared on his blog.

Now getting to the goals, open web standards and user control are already increasing day by day on Firefox. Firefox is quick to adapt to new web standards. Though, one thing to watch out for is how and by how much they are improving Firefox in terms of speed and making it super-duper fast as claimed. Firefox 3.7 is expected to become Firefox 4.0 by the end of this year.

Download Bing Optimized Internet Explorer 8

As part of a campaign to promote Bing and IE8, Microsoft UK has released a version of Internet Explorer 8 optimized for Bing.

Contrary to popular belief, Internet Explorer 8 comes with quite a few nifty customizable features. The various customizable features in Internet Explorer such as Accelerators, Web Slices and Search Provider are pre-configured to use Bing. Following are the Bing specific changes:

  • Bing Bar
  • The search box incorporates results from Ciao!
  • Various Bing Accelerators such as searching for videos, images, tweets are pre-installed.
  • Web Slices for Ciao! and Weather are bundled.


Download Page

PS: The installer sports the bing logo, neat touch!

(h/t @technogranma)

Google Chrome: The New Beta is Faster Than Ever

Google Chrome has rolled out a new beta in its product lineup and they are happier than ever since Google Chrome is faster than ever.


The official Google Chrome blog says,

Today’s new beta release incorporates one of Chrome’s most significant speed and performance increases to date, with 30% and 35% improvement on the  V8 and  SunSpider benchmarks over the previous beta  channel release. In fact, looking back in time, Chrome’s performance has improved by as much as 213% and 305% on these two benchmarks since our very first beta.

As clear from the above quote, the new beta has speed, speed and more speed. An improvement of 30% to 35% is remarkable and there soon, there will be a time when Google Chrome will be the leader in web-browser technology.

Though, the new beta is not all about speed. There have been other significant changes. The synchronization feature now works not only for bookmarks but also for the themes and other browser settings. Installing add-ons in incognito mode is also possible and many new HTML5 features have been incorporated encouraging the use of HTML5.

This is also the first Chrome beta that features automatic security updates for the Adobe Flash plugin.

This new beta release can be tried for Windows at the  beta channel, or you can download the  Mac and  Linux versions at the respective links.

Wikipedia Companion: Quickly Search Wikipedia Website from Google Chrome

Wikipedia is a trusted source of information – when you want a general reference or want to define something, without adding all the text in your document. I regularly use the online encyclopedia for my writing work, projects and when I want to refer to definitions or popular personalities. If you are a writer and regularly use Wikipedia pages for referencing, you are certainly going to love the Wikipedia companion extension for Google Chrome.

After the extension is installed, click the small “W” icon placed just right to the Chrome address bar:

This opens a small pop up window where you can type the keywords in a text box and search the Wikipedia website without leaving the current page.

The extension is useful, because I can search Wikipedia from the same browser tab and avoid distractions while I am writing something. The second advantage is that the extension lets you open the page in a new browser tab, in case you want to read the complete Wikipedia page. Here is how the pop window loads the content:

The extension supports multi lingual searches and you can browse a series of pages and links in the same pop up window. To make it clear, you can use the back and forward buttons in the pop up window and any web link can be opened in the same pop up. Neat !

Techi Buzz Verdict

The Wikipedia companion extension is simple to use and solves the problem of opening the Wikipedia website again and again in a new browser tab. If you search Wikipedia quite often, this extension is a must use.

Techi Buzz rating: 4/5 (Excellent).

Firefox 1.1 Beta For Nokia N900

Firefox on Nokia N900 is available as a public beta, version 1.1 now. Nokia N900 is based on the latest Maemo platform and Firefox is solely being developed for the N900 currently extensively.

Firefox 1.1 beta features the same engine as that of Firefox 3.6 for the desktop. The mobile version of this browser features auto-complete on forms, a new context menu to open new tabs and save images. You can add search engines and save a we-page as PDF in the browser by default. This makes Firefox even more awesome.

This video will give a better impression.

(Via: Phonearena)