Open Multiple Websites With a Single Click In Firefox

Sometimes you would like to open a series of websites while you are surfing the internet. This can be much like a routine task like checking all your emails or social networking accounts. We have earlier reviewed Multifox, which lets you log in to multiple accounts in the same website simultaneously. Now we have another Firefox add-on – Multi Site opener.

Just install the add-on and go to Tools > Multi Site opener to add the sites you want to open.


You have two options to choose from – open the URL’s in new tabs or open all of them in a new window. Once you hit the button all the links will be opened in consequetive tabs. You can also locate the addon from the status bar placed in extreme right, just before easycomment (if you use it).

Please note that you can open multiple bookmarks in Firefox without using any addon. Just click on any bookmark folder and you choose to open all of them in successive tabs. This addon comes into play when you want to open URL’s that are not saved as browser bookmarks.

Techie-Buzz Verdict

Multi Site opener is cool and provides an easy way to open multiple sites easily and quickly. But the downside is that you cannot save the URL’s. Everytime you want to open some sites you have to actually type the URL’s. If the developer can add support for saving groups of sites that we can open with single click, the add on would be even more useful to use.

Techie-Buzz rating: 2/5 (poor).

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