Google Chrome Gets A New Logo

Looks like Google is rebranding the logo for to look a little bit different in the latest development build. As you can see from the screenshot below which is from the latest development version, Chrome sports a new logo as compare to earlier versions.

New Google Chrome Logo

The screenshot below is from an earlier version of Google Chrome


The newer logo is more flatter than the earlier one and does not have any spaces between the different colors and the ball in the middle. The grey delimiter has been replaced except for a circle around the blue ball.

I am not sure when this design change came through, but I would definitely prefer to see the older logo. What do you think? Which Chrome logo do you like among these two?

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  • C. M. Sheffield

    I hate the new logo. Sometimes I wonder how companies so big and with so many “professionals” fail to see the obvious.

    • brad

      but they see more than you do. its an abstract capital G.

      • G-Systems

        Hmmm… I hadn’t noticed that before; was so off-put by the loss of modernization in the new logo, that I hadn’t considered the new logo functional in any other artistic manner.

        Thanks! Now I appreciate it more…but I want the older logo back lol Maybe it’s the size…it feels too big and cartoonish.

        Glad to know that it’ll be changed back. Maybe they’ll find a happy medium by GC15… Although I’m hoping that by 20, they start working on a new name… Maybe: Google Silver or something that is some sort of progression from “Chrome”… (not Platinum–that’s used so much now that it has lost its luster)… Simply, version 50 of something seems weird…although it does imply a continued development…hmmm

  • Alex

    New logo sucks! Bring us the old one back!!!

  • Sachin

    I hate the new logo.. looks like a kid’s version of the previous logo. I wish something could make them shift to the old one. This REALLY REALLY sucks!

  • C-note

    Older one is way cooler! its like we are going back in time with this one. retro is not back yet google, sorry.

  • kidd

    the older one is better from my point of view…but that’s just me…

  • Vicnent

    This logo looks as if I was running my windows under the No-fail mode.

  • brad

    to anyone saying that this logo lacks design or creativity,
    i bet you didn’t notice that its a capital G. note that where the red and yellow meet, its a straight horizontal line. whereas, the other lines are slanted within their “ring”

    • no Brad, if you rotate the circle (logo), then you will see all “lines” are horizontal. The new Chrome logo is only a simpler version of the original one. and I think that it looks like an “9” more than a “G”…

      • lev58

        but you see, it’s NOT rotated so that the other lines are horizontal. The other lines are straight, but the only horizontal one is the top-right one. It looks like a G. Notice that if you rotate the letter G… it’s not a G anymore.

        I like the new logo, but I don’t like the white ring. I like the old logo better though, because it was 3D. The fact that my desktop wallpaper is 3D makes the Chrome logo look like a hole in my desktop. Every other icon is 3D.

  • bicol58

    I’m blind color (not completely in fact) and have big problems with yellow-green, red-green and blue-green.
    This new logo is an executive summary of all my color problems!… The older was much better and easier for me to catch with more relief. This new one brings nothing and is very dull and tasteless.

  • WOW, what better way to show the fastest browser… bit bland but still fresh…

  • I start to like it…

  • mm

    Are people actually complaining about some logo? You sound like google chrome just crashed :p sheesh! Just browse the internet as you always did and forget about the logo

  • I think the old logo look much better than the new one!

  • ayeshabtt

    i do not like this logo the old one was better than this i am thinking to move on another site stupid logo