Google Chrome Gets A New Logo

Looks like Google is rebranding the logo for to look a little bit different in the latest development build. As you can see from the screenshot below which is from the latest development version, Chrome sports a new logo as compare to earlier versions.

New Google Chrome Logo

The screenshot below is from an earlier version of Google Chrome


The newer logo is more flatter than the earlier one and does not have any spaces between the different colors and the ball in the middle. The grey delimiter has been replaced except for a circle around the blue ball.

I am not sure when this design change came through, but I would definitely prefer to see the older logo. What do you think? Which Chrome logo do you like among these two?

51 thoughts on “Google Chrome Gets A New Logo”

  1. Perhaps they’re going to render it completely in HTML5. That would be a nice little way to show off the capabilities of the browser, even if most people don’t realize it.

    1. As a graphic designer, I’d just like to say I think the new logo is much more fitting & modern looking. Less ’90s robotic feel. Love it!

      1. I seriously applaud your politeness to what was such a rude comment. Errors happen when info is at the speed it is going. The social aspect of the web is here to help catch these tiny errors but people can still be kind whilst pointing them out.

  2. What the hell.. that’s ugly as hell! The old one looks good and proffesional.. the other one looks so amateuristic.. it’s like a logo the local hobby club would have

  3. The older is better, altrough i use Firefox for browsing, because it’s faster and safer (about 4 Beta, 3.6 is slow).

  4. I personally think the old one is better. The new one is too simple, and I think they also think it that way because in Chrome 12, they changed it back.

  5. New Logo – FAIL!
    Old Logo – WIN!!!!!

    The new logo seems to have the depth of a decal. The old logo literally has depth. Flat and featureless seems a step backward….My 2 cents.

  6. this is pretty stupid..

    it’s called google CHROME, and the logo used to look like it was chrome.

    DUH, now it’s not chrome. bad move.

  7. AAAGGG this one is so stupid looking!!! I preferred the old one a lot more. It actually looked MODERN, and it was shiny. Now every time I click the icon to go online, I see this annoying reminder of how these stupid people just down-graded the look of google chrome. (WHY?! they’re SO FRIKIN STUPID!!!)

  8. Much better. The previous logo was too photorealistic. This is much more of a “mark” that can translate to multiple mediums and be instantly recognizable. It also could flatten to a simple four color and still look great.

  9. I think the logo is brilliant, honestly. It completely stands out in the crowd of all the glossy, metallic, and 3-dimensional logos we’ve gotten so used to seeing for applications.

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