Multiple Profiles Coming To Google Chrome

has had the ability to allow users to create multiple profiles, but it has been pretty inconvenient to say the least, Browsers like already have an easy way to do this, so Chrome would definitely want to have an easier way too.

Google Chrome Multiple Profiles

According to a new design document on the Chromium website, developers have suggested a new feature which will allow users to create multiple profiles. The new multiple profile feature though will be tightly integrated with the browser sync.

The multiple profiles feature will allow the user to associate a profile with a specific set of browser windows, rather than with an entire running instance of Chrome. Allowing different windows to run as different Chrome identities means that a user can have different open windows associated with different Google accounts, and correspondingly different sets of preferences, apps, bookmarks, and so on — all those elements which are bound to a specific user’s identity. Having multiple profiles in the Chrome browser also makes it easy to browse with separate identities without having to log in as separate users at the operating system level.

This means that, users will be able to create multiple sync profiles and backup their bookmarks, etc. to the cloud. However, they can also create another profile and then sync certain things to that profile only. This will be very useful when you use Chrome at different places. Using this feature you can create a profile for Work and sync your work bookmarks and extensions to it. You can then also create a Personal profile and sync your home bookmarks, extensions, etc. to it.

This will allow you to maintain different identities for different purposes. Also unlike Firefox, Chrome will maintain different profiles in the cloud, so you can use any computer and have all your data ready to use.

(Source: Google OS)

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