Mozilla Releases Firefox 3.5.4 and Firefox 3.0.15

Firefox Mozilla has released two new builds of Firefox – 3.0.15 and 3.5.4. This update patches 16 vulnerabilities, (including 11 critical vulnerabilities) in Firefox 3.5 and 10 vulnerabilities (including 5 critical vulnerabilities) in Firefox 3.0. For more detail check out the official release notes for Firefox 3.0.15 and 3.5.4.

Both of these updates are billed as security and stability updates and are recommended to every Firefox user. They fix various performance and stability issues including memory leak, memory corruption and browser crashes. This update also patches various libraries used by Firefox, such as liboggz, libvorbis, and liboggplay.

Incidentally, the first beta of Firefox 3.6 is slated to be released later today. Firefox 3.6 is the leaner and meaner version, which is expected to bring user-perceptible performance improvements.

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