Mozilla Jetpack Contest 0.5: Winner Declared

Mozilla Jetpack Contest declared their winner for Jetpack 0.5. Alexander Miltsev, the declared winner, did much more than just develop an add-on for Firefox. Alexander created a script which uses the GPU to process large amounts of data. His work has been marked as creative and unusual. Through his work, Mozilla will be able to deliver a high-performance browser in Firefox, which will use the available GPU processing power as well.


[ The Jetpack is a Mozilla Labs project which allows people with knowledge of basic web-technologies like HTML, JavaScript and CSS to make Firefox add-ons. ]

Alexander’s add-on was named jetpack to CUDA. Clearly evident from the name, it uses the CUDA parallel computing architecture to perform complex calculations and computations a lot faster than the CPU. CUDA supports C, C++ and Fortran. This makes it a widely accepted architecture. CUDA enabled GPUs are present on .1 billion+ computers worldwide. The add-on will be a breakthrough in Firefox addon development and open doors to possibilities of richer design elements on web-pages.

The runner-ups creations included Google translate related add-ons, add-ons related to live editing of pages and many more.

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