Mozilla Jetpack 0.6 Release

MozillaLabs has announced the release of Jetpack 0.6 earlier today through its official blog.

Jetpack is a Mozilla Labs project which makes it possible for anyone who knows standard web skills (HTML, Javascript, CSS) to make Firefox add-ons.


Jetpack 0.6 has added two major APIs to its base.They are :

  • Ability to add to and edit existing menus, which includes both system-specific menus and the right-click context menu on individual objects.
  • A secure preferences system, which lets you select what secure fields you need to display in your UI, like user-name, password and alike.

Apart from these there are innumerable bug fixes. The blog also features video tutorials; on how to use the new APIs when creating your next add-on with Jetpack.

A more technical and detailed information is available at the blog here.

The download is available at this page.

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